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"We have today to learn to get back into accord with the wisdom of nature and with the water and the sea." ...Joseph Campbell

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My immediate neighborhood is Alachua County, Florida, home of The University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College.

Many thanks to Alachua Freenet for providing free Inernet access to Alachua County residents and for making the space for this homepage available.

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Lost In Cyberspace: If you're lost, this page provides an array of helpful links!
Motherheart: Great links, Great graphics!
The Spider's Web: Visit the're in for a treat!
Planet Earth Home Page: Wonderful links to images and information!
Carole's Hang Ten: If you love animals (especially Harp Seals) you'll love this page!
CAKE 2A very imaginative use of frames...Take a good look at US..visit "Cake" and sample the recipes.
Shannon's Poem
Old Hippie Home Page: Links to Art, Literature, and more!

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Nostalgia Wave
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60s Trading Post
Internet Greeting Cards
Annie Dillard
Dillard Reading Notes
Carl Jung
Joseph Campbell
Periodic Table of The Elements
Ansel Adams Home Page
G. B. Shaw Page
Oneida Indian Nation of NY
Native American Art Gallery
Mark Twain quotations
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
Advice, sample limericks, suggestions

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