Some of the sites I have listed include sound files in a variety of formats. The quest for good links continues, so if your page is a music page or if you have a favorite site you would like to see listed, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to link to it!

Traditional Sounds
Digital Tradition Folk Song Full Text Search
Irish Music Box
Irish Music Box Links Page
Bothy Band
Gentraige - Celtic Music Links
Turlough Carolan - Main Page A collection of well-designed pages - sound files, links to Irish music and more!
The Jugbusters!
Ceolas celtic music archive
Irish Music and Videos
Hammered Dulcimer
Celtic MIDI Files Many quality sound files of Irish tunes
Granger's Fiddle Tunes For Guitar Page
The Bodhrán Page
The Mountain Dulcimer Home Page
Bothy Band
RCA Records: Chieftains
Liam Clancy & Robbie O'Connell Info
Georgi's Home Page of the Fiddle
Camsco Music: John Specker
Camsco Music: Joe Cormier
Old-Time Music Home Page
Bad Livers
old time music
Old Time Music on the Web
Doc Watson's Illustrious Cover Page
Folk Stuff
Old Time Music on the Radio

Native American Music:

Rainbow Walker Music Productions

Bluegrass - Cajun-African Music

BLUEGRASS: CYBERGRASS - The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine
Afro-Caribbean Music
Shona Music


Vikram's MIDI-Fest

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