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Welcome from Gainesville, Florida!

This page contains pointers to other sites dealing with things which are Flight Simulator related. I'm in the process, at this time, of going through this list and REMOVING old, now non-functional links. If you or a friend have a link in here and your address has changed in the last year and you wish to remain listed, you better hurry and get an e-mail off to me with the corrected address!


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Users who may have been wondering where the BAO software site went...look no further. BAO was bought-out by Apollo Software, and they are still offering Flight Shop-related software:

Makers of Flight Shop, Apollo Software presents:

Flight Sim Add-on Paks at Computer Express.

For specials on Flight Sim software and hardware, go to 4CDs.
KITTY HAWKE AVIATION - Frank Ogborn - (Owner, CFI, MEI)

3906 SW 154th Street Archer, FL 32618 (352) 495-2559

Visit Kitty Hawke Aviation at the Flying 10 Airport, located just 10 miles west of Gainesville on County Highway 241. Our location provides a unique training experience unlike any other in North Central Florida. With instrument approaches and a flight service station just 10 minutes away by air... we are close enough to take advantage of a large airport yet far enough away to enjoy the benefits of a country field. A winning combination for any pilot.

Start with a Recreational Certificate or go for a Private Pilot Certificate. Course includes 20 hrs dual instruction and 20 hrs solo flight time, plus 20 hrs of ground instruction.

Call Frank Ogborn for more details.

Please be sure to mention to Frank that Trent Sherman sent you. Tell him you found him through my web pages at:





  1. Flight Simulation-related Stuff:
    1. Web Pages:
    2. Chat Conferences
    3. FS-related Clubs
    4. Adding a Web Page To This List [a form]
    5. Electronic Bulletin Boards (BBS) Systems (landline)
    6. Local Virtual Piloting Scenes (Florida)
    7. Mailing Lists
    8. Newsgroups
    9. Visit/Use The FlightSim Web Ring

    1. Flight Simulator-related Stuff:
      1. Web Pages:
      2. Flight Simulation-related IRC Chat Conferences:
        • #Aviation - off of (unknown) at (unknown)
        • #flitesim - off `undernet.org' at 9pm ET
        • #microwings - off of DAL Net at 11pm ET
      3. FS-related Clubs:
        • Add your MSFS Interactive Site/Club/Org to the list.
      4. Adding your web page to this list:
        • Add any item to this list. (Might take some time to check/clear.)
      5. Electronic Landline BBSes:
        • 32 Bit Bus BBS - Swedesboro, NJ - (609) 241-1436
          Sysops: Bob Bernstein (bob.bernstein@bitbus.com) & Julie Schoener (julie.schoener@bitbus.com) - FIDO 1:266/236 -
          Internet, Usenet, FIDO, RIME mail feeds; All FS-related groups carried; online since 1987; 2 gigs of Flight Sim files, 3.0-5.1; no required fees - download on first call; featured in MicroWings, Thrustmaster Manuals, and Full Throttle Magazine; running PCBoard 15.3 and Metaworlds Client/Server BBS
        • In-Flight Systems BBS - Gainesville, FL - (352) 371-1358 - Lots of FS4 stuff here in Gainesville
      6. Care to do some LOCAL FLORIDA Virtual Piloting?

        NOTE: Most of these seem to be for FS4. If anyone knows of same for FS v5.1, please let me know of it's location! Thanks! -Trent

      7. Flight Simulation-related MAILING LISTS:
        • IUP Flight-Sim list:
          Send TO: mailserv@grove.iup.edu
          In SUBJECT: (leave blank)
          On message first line: SUBSCRIBE FLIGHT-SIM
        • wings.ark Flight-Sim list:
          Send TO: majordomo@wings.ark.com
          In SUBJECT: (leave blank)
          On message first line: SUBSCRIBE FLIGHT-SIM
        • Connectica Flightsim list:
          Send TO: listserv@nez.com
          In SUBJECT: (leave blank)
          On message first line: subscribe flightsim (your email address)
        • Weekly Airplanes by Email WAE list:
          Send TO: joinwae@aol.com
          In SUBJECT: (leave blank)
          On message first line: JOIN WAE (your email address)
      8. Flight simulation-related NEWSGROUPS:
      9. FS WebRing:

        The Flightsim Ring
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