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North Central Fla.
Area Scannist's Page

Levy SO North C-1       154.770  Rep.
Levy SO South C-2       155.700  Rep.
Levy SO Car-to-Car      155.490  Sim.
Levy Fire               158.820  Sim. (PL 186.2)
Levy Fire Combat        155.985  Sim. (PL 186.2)
Levy EMS                155.595  Rep. (Input 158.955, PL 186.2)
Levy Co. Road Dpt.      154.055  Rep.
Fish and Game           161.445  State Rep.
Forestry Dispatch       159.030  Sim.
Forestry Secondary      159.315  Sim. (used on-scene, Car-to-Car, Car-to-Air,
                                      and by Goethe Forest Management)

Chiefland PD            156.210  Sim.
Williston PD            154.040  Rep. (Input 154.800, PL 186.2)
Williston FD            159.255  Rep. (Input 154.830, PL 123.0)
Williston FD TAC-2      156.105  Sim. (PL 186.2)
Williston Public Works  153.935  Sim.
Nature Coast Hospital   (UHF MED-5)
ShandsCair Ops          (Regional Med/MED-5)
Drug Task Force         154.950 (Sheriff's Net)

Thanks to Clayton Drew/KG4JCF and Scott Coker/KG4YNH for the current information.

North Central Fla. Area Scannist's Page
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