OK, here are the links that I'm aware of that will take you
to web pages dedicated to beer can/breweriana collecting.
Surf on!

is online!

Visit Michael Van Laere's page in Belgium.
He collects ALL types of cans, not just beer cans.
Find the pictures of his collection. They're neat!

Scott Spencer has put up
Spencer's Can Korner
BCCA influenced and very nice.

Here we find
Brad Hanson's page.
He has his traders listed.

Further surfing reveals
DeJean's Beer Page
Lots of labels and cans pictured.

Now we come to
Some great cans & breweriana for sale.

This long wave brings us to

And as our board hits the beach, we find
The Home page of Matt Simpson

Gotta jump another wave to get to some more pages.

Our first stop on this wave brings us to
Jeffrey Florida's A-B page.

And now we surf to the Southern Hemisphere for
The Beer Museum of Brazil

A big wave sweeps us up to Germany for
Gerbert Kann's Beer Page

And now over to the far East for
Brian Ziemer's Page

Our international tour continues at
Mad Gav's Beer Can & Label Collection
in good 'ol England.

Still in Europe, we travel to Italy for
Maurizio D'Arro's Beer Can Collection

Back in the U.S., we find
The Beer Can Exchange
by Charlie Smith.

Still another page -
Jeff Grissop's Page
with a list of his traders.

The pages just keep coming -
Art Lacomb's Page
with a lot of top quality cans.

OK, here's something completely different. These are supposed to be beer/breweriana links, but I was asked very nicely to link this Coke page. Being a nice guy, I figured it can't hurt. So if any of you beer/breweriana people are also into Coke items, check out -
Stephen's Coca Cola Page

Another page not quite on topic, but nice enough to offer a return link.
Richard Mix Commemorative Bottle Web Site

Swappers & Collectors Pages
Everything For Collectors! Bookstore, Phonecardstore, Special Offers, Links, Lists, Newsgroups, Message Boards, Chat... Free Ads!

If you have a web page dedicated to beer cans and/or breweriana,
or know of one not listed here, let me know and I'll gladly list it.