(Breweriana Too)

Lk here to see pictures of some nice beer advertising signs featuring race horses.
More breweriana examples.

Beer cans have taken over my life!
I have about 7,000 different cans in my collection,
plus over 1,200 different traders. Now I'm into breweriana.
Am I crazy?!? Some people think so. Heck, I think so too.
At least its a fun madness.

To whomever e-mailed me about the Homes Ale plastic can... I lost your e-mail address, so please write again.

Here are a few quotes about beer cans and collecting
(as quoted in the book BEER CAN COLLECTING by Lew Cady):

"Many beer can collectors seem to think beer cans are the one bit of madness in their lives. I often feel that beer cans are the sanest part of my existence."
Bill Christensen

"The ever-changing designs of beer cans drive me crazy - but I love it!"
Elmer Mick

"What beer can do I want most of all? That's easy. Any beer can I don't have!"
Harold Lorenz

"Don't worry if your collection is small and conetops are few. Remember, the mighty oak was once a nut like you."
Banquet Placement, BCCA CANvention V, Des Moines, September 13, 1975

And finally, the beer can quote of quotes...
"Most said you would not live long. And through the years you have[n't] always been treated kindly. You've been punched, pulled on, kicked, bent double, misprinted and thrown into ditches to fade and rust. Some have even tried to ban you from their states. But you have stood up to the test. And now people
are discovering your true beauty, dignity, personality and depth.
Be proud, whether you're new, old, rusty, or faded.
You're a Beer Can!"
Larry Wright


Here's a link to pictures of the conetops, flattops, and better tabs.

I have a digital camera, so if there's a can on my list you'd like to see, feel free to request a picture.

Click here for my ZIPped list (23k) - a quick download.
Here's an unzipped version (117k) that can be browsed online.

Some new flats added and a few deletions this time.

As always, the list may not be 100% accurate so please forgive any mistakes. With almost 1,200 cans, I may miss a few.

A key to the abbreviations is included at the bottom of the list.


I have some breweriana for sale or trade too:

First, beer signs -
1)Hamm's - Wooden Sign - 11 3/4" W x 14 1/2" H

Some great looking chalk statues - check out the pictures!

Heidelberg #1 ---- Heidelberg #2

At last, some nice trays -

Schmidt's #1 ---- Schmidt's #2


Anyone for beer labels?
These are some Russian/Estonia beer, wine, and liquor labels.
There's 18 regular labels and 12 neck labels.

Here are quite a few beer coasters. All are one-sided unless there's 2 pictures.
Numbers in parentheses indicate how many of each I have.
Front - Schmidt's Light Beer - (4) Back
Front - Schmidt's Beer/Ale - (4) Back
Stegmaier's Beer - (4)
Stegmaier's Gold Medal Beer - (4)
Stegmaier Gold Medal Ale and Porter - (3)
Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer - (4)
Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer - (4)
Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer - (4)
Front - Anheuser-Busch Natural Light - (4) Back
Front - Haacke Beck Malt Beverage - (1) Back

How about beer openers?
Here's a picture of them.
Three more openers in this picture.
A big addition of 30 new openers (23 different).
Three pictures of 8 - Here, Here, and Here.
Another 5 openers pictured Here.
Yet another 5 openers can be seen Here.

Here's a strange item made from a Billy beer can.
Mr. Know-it-all
Someone's showing their contempt for Billy Beer here.
Give this to that "special" someone at work or in your family.

One paper item:
Iron City beer menu insert - Approximately 7" wide by 11" long
Not all pictured

**Make me an offer on the breweriana items.**

If you have any beer cans or breweriana for sale
or if you'd like to buy or trade for my cans or breweriana,
details to:

Mark V. Mayfield

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