Vampire Artwork

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"Two Inch Nails"

"13:00 Hours"


"Black Lilies" ------------------ "Blue"

Artist: Sonja J. Haskins

Artist: Michael Woodman

Artist: Matthew Dehaven


The vampire legend is alive and well and existing in the 30th century. As a servant to the Mage, Mordru, Vrykos' duties basically involve security and defense for the powerful mystic. His abilities of super-strength, transmutation, and apparent immortality make this creature a nemesis of deadly proportion.

Artist: Rafael L. Rodriguez

Credit: D.C. Comic - "Vrykos" first appeared in "Legion of Superheroes #3"

Artist: Gina

Artist: Ian Lambert

Artist: Nestor Brillo

Artist: Kim Traub

Artist: DravenSwann

Inkwork done by Blood of Rose

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