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    Last revised Jan 04, 2021

    Your dreams and all your visions won't feed a hungry child
    And all your failed philosophies have left your mind defiled
    You declare as myth and legend what stands before your eyes
    The faith is sure but you prefer the lies...

    Welcome to The War

    February 8,2016

    Huh,has it really been a year and a half? I lost track. I've spent most of the last year in a medically induced coma as part of a research project on the effects of suspended animation on cognitive process... Who am I kidding? I'm just REALLY REALLY bad about keeping my site updated. That said,I did put up a bit about the big antenna rebuild project.

    June 19,2014

    Uh oh... looks like he's come over all lyrical again,this time about that kerfluffle in Libya

    February 10,2014

    Tweaked and updated the Guitar Gallery page.

    Ah,the crisp clean smell of achievement! Oh,sorry,that was just the cinnamon rolls burning.