North Central Florida AIDS Network

Project AIDS Care Case Management

NCFAN currently offers to eligible clients, Project AIDS Care case management. Project AIDS Care (PAC) is a Medicaid waiver program designed specifically for people living with AIDS (PLWA). The purpose of the program is to assist clients in maintaining themselves at home in a safe, secure and healthy environment, and thereby avoiding the need for institutionalization in a hospital or nursing home.

What Project AIDS Care Provides:

PAC provides a wide array of services including home care nurses, home delivered meals, housekeeping needs and some medical supplies. The Project AIDS Care case manager works individually with each client to maintain a current plan of care and to oversee all services provided to the client. NCFAN currently has three full-time Project AIDS Care case managers who cover a 16 county area.

Eligibility for Project AIDS Care

Clients must meet financial criteria established by the federal government. In addition, the client's physician must determine that the client is disabled with AIDS. Clients should contact their NCFAN case manager for more information about Project AIDS Care.

Individuals who do not have a case manager should contact NCFAN at 372-4370. A case manger will be assigned to you at no charge.

If You Do Not Have AIDS

People who are HIV positive can still benefit from becoming a client of NCFAN. Non-AIDS case management is provided by interns and trained volunteers who work closely with NCFAN case managers.

These NCFAN case mangers will offer information and referrals pertaining to financial, legal, medical and mental health challenges. Clients are also referred to the Ryan White Case Management Program.

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