Necessities for Living Supplies
which are Always In Demand

Household products: Abrasive cleaners (such as Comet, Ajax); bleach; dishwashing liquid (such as Palmolive, Dove); household cleaners (such as Pine-Sol); paper towels; toilet paper

Laundry detergents: Any brand with the exception of Gain, which causes allergic skin reactions

Personal care products: Rubbing alcohol; hydrogen peroxide; dental floss; denture cleaner/adhesives; shaving cream; safety razors; toothpaste; mouthwash; body soap (such as Dove); liquid antibacterial hand soap; deoderant; shampoo; feminine douches; hand/body cream; petroleum jelly; baby diapers; baby wipes; baby powder and lotion; maxipads; tampons; multivitamins; aspirin; Tylenol; Band-Aids; antacid tablets or liquid.

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