The NCFAN Community

Contact Information

North Central Florida AIDS Network, Inc.
3615 S.W. 13th Street, Suites 3&4
Gainesville, Florida 32608
(352) 372-4370 1-800-824-6745

Board of Directors

Paul Kuritzky, President
Mark Stuart, Vice President
Algeisa Vazquez-Pagano, Secretary
N. Franklin Walters, Treasurer
Gwendolyn Love, Member-at-Large


Etha Leano Amaye-Obu
Richard Babb
Edith Bruce
Ricky Ezzell
Susan Park
Richard Pla
Gregory Strohm
Honorary Members
John Fitzwater
Rabbi Allan Lehmann
Cathryn Lombardi
Fred Southwick
Portia Taylor


Joseph F. Antonelli, Executive Director
Sharon M. Alford, Public Relations and Development Coordinator
Fran Brown, Bookkeeper
Katherine Ayers, Volunteer Coordinator
Mike Day, Client Services Supervisor
Mary Jo Delahunty, PAC Case Manager
Kim McGahee-Caton, PAC Case Manager
Virginia Williams, Prevention Education Supervisor
Juan Romero, Prevention Outreach
Coordinator; AAA Task Force
Andrea Kivinski, Prevention Case Manager
Erica Merchant, Prevention Outreach Educator
Jennifer Wiley, Prevention Outreach Educator

Volunteer Staff

Brooke Orsborn, African-American AIDS Task Force
Ellison Ketchum, Buddy Program
Gary Mathews, Necessities for Living Program


Allen Curtis, Case Management
Kimberly Monroe, Prevention Education
Anthia Zito, Case Management


Sharon M. Alford, Editor/Graphic Design

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