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  2. Books
  3. Clubs & Societies
  4. File Sites
  5. Other Interesting Sites
  6. Local Genealogy Pages
  7. Online Genealogical Tools
  8. General Places on the WWW
  9. Personal/Individual Genealogy Sites
  10. Research Services
  11. Online Shops
  12. Sites Researching Specific Types of Genealogy
  13. Online Interactive Written Family Genealogies

  1. Book Sites:
  2. Russ Waller's Genealogy Books - Russ Waller [11/20/2000]

  3. Genealogy Clubs & Societies
  4. Baxter Co., Arkansas Historical and Genealogical Society [Updated 02/25/2009]
  5. Deleware Genealogical Society (DGS) - Tom Doherty
  6. Irish Family History Foundation - Irish Family Hist. Assn.
  7. Mobile (Ala.) Genealogy Society - Kevin Sellew
  8. National Society Sons of the American Revolution - Jessie Hagan
  9. New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)
  10. Utah Valley PAF User's Group - Utah Valley
  11. Smoky Mountain Historical Society - David L. Beckwith

  12. File Sites:
  13. GENEALOGYSF - genealogy software page

  14. General Places on the World Wide Web:
  15. Ancestry.com Search
  16. CyberAncestors - Bruce White [06/27/2000]
  17. The Genealogy Home Page - Steven A. Wood
  18. History and Development of the American West - Bengt Lindeblad
  19. The Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage - Lorine McGinnis Schulze
  20. The Seeker Magazine, Reuniting America - Linda Suzanne Hammer

  21. Online Genealogical Tools:
  22. Canadian National Archives
  23. Computer Compuology Home Page - Richard Wilson - Company that builds/repairs computers for genealogy, offers research services, genealogy program training, photo scanning.
  24. CPROOTS Genealogy Resource Center - R & C Cunningham
  25. Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - Cyndi Howell - over 19,000+ links to genealogy-related sites on the Internet
  26. Genealogy Graphoanalysis Service - Christina Meide [06/03/2001]
  27. Genealogy Research and Surname Search Engines - Darci [06/19/2003]
  28. MapQuest - GeoSystems - planning a trip to the Archives Library in another state? Use this place for detailed directions to the city, or to get street maps.
  29. (U.S.) National Archives
  30. Rowan Public Library - Edith M. Clark History Room - Western N. Carolina genealogy and list of mailing addresses of all NC genealogical societies
  31. Scot Roots - Brian Thomson - Scottish ancestor service. [06/22/2000]
  32. Social Security Death Index (SSDI) - online
  33. The Family History Project - Cliff Knopic - The Family History Project allows families to easily collaborate online regardless of where they live, and create their family story. They can then download the story or have a book printed up. [Added 09/08/2002]
  34. Utah State Archives

  35. Personal/Individual Genealogy Web Pages:
  36. BJORK - Angel's Cloud in Heaven - Bobbi Rae Bjork - Bjork, Swedish genealogy, general genealogy.
  37. BRADLEE Genealogical Society - Bob Bradlee
  38. My COON/WINTERS Family Tree - Christie Davis
  39. Firstborn Sons of the GEHLING Family - Richard Gehling [07/26/2000]
  40. Fran's Genealogy Site - Fran James - Researching ADAMS, APPLEDORFF, BREGAZZI, BRENNAN, CAMPLIN, CARRUCAN, JAMES, MANLEY. [12/28 2000]
  41. Genealogical Journeys in Time - Bonnie Strawn-Miller - The Strawn Family Project [Updated 09/26/2003]
  42. Mary Kathryn HARRIS Genealogy Web - Mary K. Harris [02/21/00]
  43. HASTINGS House Genealogy Page - Researching ALLEN, COUPERTHWAITE, FORSYTH, HASTINGS, HOWE, and KELLER - Louise Allen Hastings
  44. Jen's Geneaology Page - Jen HOELTZEL - Specializing in Frontenac County, Ontario - especially the islands Howe, Wolfe, and Garden. [04/20/2000]
  45. The HOEY Family Genealogy Site - Thomas HOEY [02/08/2001]
  46. The HURST Nation - Ann Boldger
  47. Surname of KENTUCKY - Paul Bailey
  48. Welcome to Lyle's Home Page - Robert Kahle Lyles
  49. MARTIN Genealogy Homepage - Tom & Patti Martin
  50. Jack MASTERS Genealogy Home Page - Jack Masters - Researching MASTERS, SMITH, BOWERS, HULL & BEATY families [04/22/2001]
  51. Michael's Genealogy Page - Michael Salmon [07/26/2000]
  52. MURMURD's - Muriel Ducharme [12/28/2000]
  53. The NEELY Niche - Jill Wagaman
  54. OUR ANCESTRAL ROOTS - Nina Young-Bennett [09/14/2000]
  55. PHELPS Connections - Genealogy, Family Research, Queries
  56. Kathy PRATT's Genealogy
  57. SHAFTO Family Genealogy Page - John Shafto - SHAFTO & related families in Monmouth Co., NJ
  58. SPRAGUE Database - Richard E. Weber [05/07/2001]
  59. STRICKLAND Trails - McFaddin's Bluff History & Legend - Sharon L. Holland [02/04/2001]
  60. TERRY Family Historian - Mike Terry [07/26/2000]
  61. VAN BUSKIRK GENEALOGY (All My Ancestors) - John C. Van Buskirk - It is my index to families over a 50-year period. Half are Dutch Colonial New York pioneers, and the rest are English. Settled in CT, Long Island NY, Mass., NJ, and Bucks Co. PA. My branch were in central NY - TULLY / PREBLE - about 1800 on. Glad to exchange data with all potential cousins. [05/07/2001]
  62. WALLACE / PEAVLER Genealogy (and associated families) - James Wallace [Updated 04/20/2000]
  63. Richard WILSON's Genealogy Home Page - Richard Wilson
  64. WILLINE's Genealogy Homepage - Willine Horry

  65. Research Services:
  66. Computer Upgrade, Repair, Training & Genealogy Research - Richard Wilson - Company that builds computers for genealogy. Offers research services, genealogy program training, photo scanning.
  67. Family Tree Searcher - Doug Barry - Enter your ancestor data just once to search for family trees at multiple web sites. [05/17/2000]
  68. Scottish Roots - Have your Scottish ancestry researched (fee)

  69. Online Genealogy Shops:
  70. DeLorme High Quality Maps for Every Need - DeLorme
  71. Global Genealogical Supply - Rick Roberts - `Everything for the Family Historian'
  72. Martin Genealogy Publications
  73. On-Line Scotland - Shops in Scotland
  74. Origin of Names - Mike Kennaugh - Coat of Arms/Surname Histories, plaques, rings, mugs, flags, and other Arms/Crest-related knick-knacks.
  75. The Tree Maker - Chris Rankin - The Tree Maker can install your family history on a beautiful 8-generation fan-shaped tree. You can display over 500 names in calligraphy. [07/07/2001]

  76. Sites Dealing With Specific Genealogy Research:
  77. Canadian Databases at `inGeneas' - Lori Fox
  78. The DISBROW Family Web Page - Michael S. Disbrow - Only site of its kind on the Net. Lots of information about DISBROW research.
  79. Gateway To Scotland - Univ. of Edinburgh
  80. Genealogy In France - Professional Research [02/25/00]
  81. Genealogy in French-speaking Switzerland
  82. Internet Sources of German Genealogy - Andreas Hanacek
  83. Irish Genealogy - Georgeann Malowney
  84. Irish Genealogy Domain - Patrick & Dorothy Drayton-Byrne [Updated 07/03/2004]
  85. Lethbridge Family History Center - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada - Mary Tollestrup
  86. New Jersey:
  87. Quebec and Eastern Townships Research - Marlene Simmons
  88. Skagit County, Wash. Research - Darilee Bednar - (for WA GenWeb Program)
  89. Rowan Public Library - Edith M. Clark History Room - Western N. Carolina genealogy - includes lists of mailing addresses of all NC genealogical societies

  90. Some Local (Gainesville/Alachua Co., Florida Area) Sources:
  91. Alachua Co. Genealogical Society - Melanie Cox
  92. Alachua Co. GenWeb Page - Melanie Cox
  93. Family History Library Center (FHLC) Page -- Deborah Yarbrough

  94. Online Interactive Family Genealogies:
  95. BARR & related families - Judi Sharp
    (Cumberland Co., PA -- Cincinnati, OH)
  96. THE DISBROWS - Jay W. Sterner
    Our DISBROW family genealogy compiled and written by my grandfather, Jay, about 1956. Retranscribed for the web by Todd L. Sherman.
  97. THE GREGORYS - Jay W. Sterner
    Our GREGORY family genealogy compiled and written by both of my grandparents, Jay W. and Muriel (Gregory) Sterner, about 1956. Retranscribed for the web by Todd L. Sherman.
  98. THE STERNERS - Jay W. Sterner
    Our STERNER family genealogy compiled and written by my grandfather, Jay, about 1956. Retranscribed for the web by Todd L. Sherman.
  99. The Family Photo Albums - Todd L. Sherman
    Various photo albums containing scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our DISBROW, GREGORY, SHERMAN, STERNER, and TOLMIE lines. [added 01/29/2002]
    • DISBROW Family Photo Album - Todd L. Sherman
      Scans of documents, photos and things relating to our DISBROW family line. [added 01/29/2002]
    • GREGORY Family Photo Album - Todd L. Sherman
      Scans of documents, photos and things relating to our GREGORY family line. [added 01/29/2002]
    • SHERMAN Family Photo Album - Todd L. Sherman
      Scans of documents, photos and things relating to our SHERMAN family line. [added 01/29/2002]
    • STERNER Family Photo Album - Todd L. Sherman
      Scans of documents, photos and things relating to our STERNER family line. [added 01/29/2002]
    • TOLMIE Family Photo Album - Todd L. Sherman
      Scans of documents, photos and things relating to our TOLMIE family line. Includes our related lines of CLARK, FISHER, POWELL, and SMITH. [added 12/2001]

  100. Other Interesting Sites:
  101. Explore Your Family History At Ellis Island - American Family Immigration History Center [05/04/2001]
  102. The Travel Channel - site of the TV Channel

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