Other woodcarving sites of interest:

Bill Judt's home page:  W.F. (Bill) Judt has been carving for over 20 years.  He specializes in relief carving (carving pictures in flat panels) which he does in panels which are 2" thick or less.  Bill does magnificent work and has presented carvings to the Royal family, members of both his Federal and Provincial Legislatures, and to many prominent corporations.  This page introduces you to Bill, shows some of his carvings, and provides connections to carving tips and techniques.  A must view site for anyone even remotely interested in carving.

WOODCARVER Listserver:  This link allows you to join the WOODCARVER Listservice.  This is a listservice of over 400 woodcarvers from around the world who chat, exchange ideas, and promote the art of woodcarving.  Possibly the world's largest on-line woodcarving club.  If you join, be prepared for large quantities of E-mail messages (quantity varies but at times has been more than 50 per day.)

WWWoodc@rver E-zine:  This link takes you to the WWWoodcarver E-zine, a free on-line woodcarving magazine written by woodcarvers, for woodcarvers.  The magazine is published on-line every two months by noted carver W.F. (Bill) Judt and has feature articles written by other woodcarvers who are on-line capable.  Feature articles consist of tips and techniques, stories, anecdotes, poems, cartoons, and anything else that may be of interest to woodcarving enthusiasts.  Read, enjoy, and learn, 'cause after all "you can't beat the price." 

More links will be added to this list as they become available.  Come back and see us, ya hear?