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        This part of my webpage is devoted to the Rear Wheel Drive Toyota Celica produced between 1971 and 1985.  These are very wonderful sports cars that have a nice following and respond well to modifications while remaining reliable. They also happen to be very easy to work on. In the preceding pages I will show you how to upgrade and maintain these cars as well as provide you with links to many other Celica related sites.

Pictures-Click on a thumbnail to view full screen

View my best timeslip for this car-It's sad I know, feel pity for me!!!

Tech Articles
       Cleaning your Celica-"NEW" A description of the car care products I prefer to use when cleaning and detailing, tips & hints too.
       Cold Air Intake -Explains how to remove the stock air box and install a high flow intake for better power.
       Stereo Upgrade -How to upgrade all the parts of your stereo system on a budget.
       Ram Air Mod "Coming Soon" -I'm going to figure this out someday I promise, I am getting closer to a final decision.
       Suspension Bushings -"Coming Soon" Replacing worn bushings with high compliance polyurethane.
       Installing An Air Fuel Gauge -Details installing an Air Fuel gauge and mounting it where the ash tray used to be
       Tuning The Air Fuel Mixture-Adjusting the fuel mixture to compensate for increased airflow.

Magazine Articles
     Road & Track Article On 2000 Celica -Article Compares the new Celica against the Acura Integra and 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse
                                Page 2  , 3  , 4  , 5  , 6  , 7  , 8 9

     Clean Turbo 80st -Featured car in "Sport Compact Car" very nice looking.(8-1999)
                                Page 2  , 3  , 4  , 5  , 6


     1971-85Celica Screensaver Lots of pictures of beautiful looking Celica's to decorate your computer

        Toyota Celica Homepage -The place to be if you own a celica or just want to, please join the mailing list for help with your project.
         '70-'77 Toyota Celica Home  - Huge page featuring many awesome cars from this era.
        The Best Parts List for the Pre-1985 Celica -A comprehensive list of upgrades available, very helpful for decision making.
        The History Of The Toyota Celica-Supra -Contains info and pictures of the Celica's history (1968-1999)
        Dragtimes - A searchable database of time slips  for all types of cars including Celica's.

    Shopping-Where to buy performance parts for your Celica

         Cyberspace Automotive Parts -This should be your first stop if you  are searching for parts to upgrade your car.
         Dyno-MAX-A good muffler choice for the Celica.
         LC-Engineering -Builds high quality racing parts for the 22R engine
         Used Toyota parts from the World's Largest Toyota Dismantler -If you cant find something at a local scrap yard try here or the dealership

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