Many people do not know or are not aware of Florida's outdoor burning regulations, either having moved here from out-of-state or never having a reason to burn. If you are not familiar with the burning regulations in your area, this link can help you.
Outdoor Burning and Wildland Burning Regulations
Please note: "The burning of the following is PROHIBITED: tires, rubber materials, tar, railroad cross ties, other creosoted lumber, PLASTICS, waste pesticide containers, GARBAGE (i.e. FOOD MATERIALS), or TRASH OTHER THAN YARD TRASH AND HOUSEHOLD PAPER PRODUCTS."

Wildfire Information
Generator Safety
Other Emergency Links (FEMA,Homeland Awareness, Red Cross, etc)Attention!
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services-Hurricane Preparedness
Training Link
Turkey Frying tips

The Windsor Volunteer Fire Department serves the greater metropolitan area of Windsor Florida.  Windsor is located at the crossroads of County Road 234 and County Road 1474.

We have the following equipment:

1988 Ford FMC Pumper 1000 gallon tank, 1250 gpm pump.

1994 E-One Pumper with 1000 gallon tank, 1500 gpm pump.

Windsor Volunteer Fire Department | Annual Zucchini Festival | Festival Preparation

To contact us:

Phone: 352-378-8671
Fax: 352-378-8069

Organization Address:
Windsor Volunteer Fire Department
1401 SE CR 234
Gainesville, FL 32641