Veterans For Peace

Gainesville Chapter, Florida, USA

Alternatives to the Military

Why you should consider Alternatives to Military Service:
Just the Facts:

***According to the US Veterans Administration, only 35% of veterans receive GI Bill funds for college, while 70% of students who apply for civilian financial aid receive help paying for college.
*** Mangum and Ball, Ohio State researchers who received funding from the military, found that only 12% of male veterans and 6% of female veterans surveyed made any use of skills learned in the military in their civilian jobs.
*** Prominent labor policy specialist Stephen Barley found that the average recent
veteran will earn between 11% and 19% less than non-veterans from comparable socioeconomic backgrounds

Best General Purpose Sites

Combines jobs, travel, community service and training with ways to earn money for college and relief from student loans. Programs for teens and for upper level college students.

Youth & Militarism Site
American Friends service site has one broken link but provide excellent alternatives to War for youth including a site on social activism! -
Interactive planning site from the Florida Department of Education with lots of excellent information including access to your records so you can evaluate what you are eligible for.

Idealist Social Action Website -
List many job and volunteer opportunities that include training, education and travel

Fastweb -

Online database with over 600,000 scholarships matched to your needs with an online application process

Bright Futures Scholarships -
There are both academic and vocational versions of this Florida scholarship opportunity

Florida College Planner -
A guide to the more than 1 Billion $$ in scholarships offered in Florida each year

Florida Assoc. of Student financial Aid Administrators -
Their goal is to promote financial aid awareness - lots of "how to's" here

Jobs and Training
Santa Fe Community College -
Apprenticeship programs pay you to go to school!

America's Job Bank -
Career one stop site with lots of guides to finding a career. Register to take self assessments to discover your job skills, apply for financial aid and jobs online

Job Corps -
Job training and support from US Department of Labor for low income Youth

Inroads Home -
Leadership training and internships for talented minority youth

Employment & Training for Youth -
US Department of Labor site lists many resources


See Americorps (above) for travel inside the US with pay and help for college

Religious sponsored travel: By denomination but all denominations do not require youth to belong to their church:
Presbyterian Student Service -
Young Adult travel - internships, Mission service, Travel Summer or year long
Methodist - Global Justice Volunteers -
International travel for stud nets with one year of college - 2-6 months in a community abroad.
American Friends Service Opportunities -
In the US and abroad

Center for International Studies (CIE) internships
Listed on the University of California at Irving's site, this site has many links to internships and other information for studying abroad.

Knowledge is Power!