VFP meets the fist Wednesday of the month
7:00 P.M. - call for directions
Chapter email: gvlvfp@earthlink.net
Scott Camil Chapter Contact 352-375-2563
GI Rights Hotline 1-877-447-4487

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VFP Projects include:

memorial day display

Memorial Day Display

Solstice concert

Solstice concert

ann wright



Weekly Pickets

mrch on pentagon

Marches against war

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier and
Vets Speak Out














Gainesville VFP Chapter 14 welcomes both regular members who must be veterans and associate members, community members who want to work with veterans to promote our mission (listed below).

On the local level, we allow both veteran and associate members to vote.

Our local chapter is also part of the National Vets for Peace organization.  We encourage all our members to sign up and pay National dues of 40$ to support the work of that organization.
VFP National Membership Pages

Local Vets for Peace does not ask for dues from members But we encourage you to work on our fund raisers and committees  and to donate to us and our causes according to your means.
On a national level, only veterans are allowed to vote. Our number of National votes depends on our number of veterans paying dues.  Therefore VFP Chapter 14 has agreed to sponsor any veterans who cannot afford the 40$ membership fee for National.

For more information please contact
Scott Camil: phone 352-375-2563