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7:00 P.M. - call for directions
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GI Rights Hotline 1-877-447-4487

Peace Poetry Contest
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2009 Events and Articles
Memorial Day, Winter Solstice, Vets Speak Out

2008 Events & Articles
Memorial Day, Winter Solstice, Winter Soldier II, Vets Speak Out


2007 Events & Articles
Memorial Day, Winter Solstice, March on the Pentagon, March on the Capitol and Die In

2006 Events and Articles
Winter solstice,

2005 Events & Articles
Winter Solstice

2004 Events and Articles
Winter Solstice

2003 Events & Articles
Winter Solstice


Our Homeless Vets
Julie Netzer: full story...

Unfinished Business from Several Wars Ago Speech by Dave Cline full story...

A Stubborn Peace - Perry Keidel full story...

Norman Balabanian Articles:
Why Iraq

The Anti War Case

School of Americas and Us Ideology

The Oldest Democracy

Scott Camil Articles:



Right to Recruit

Supporting Our Troops

Winter Soldier 2008

Obama's First Year















2010 Events and Projects

Rally AGainst Meal Limits    Vets Speak Out   Memorial Mile  
Winter Solstice  

VFP Gainesville Chapter 14 joins Florida Veterans for Common Sense in their
Resolution against the Afghan escalation