The Transylvania Society of Dracula: American and Canadian Chapters

"I am Dracula. And I bid you welcome to my house. come in; the night air is chill, and you must need to eat and rest."

The words of the immortal Count are our invitation to the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. Founded in Bucharest in 1991, the Society is an international organization of people interested in the myths and legends of Count Dracula, the fictional anti-hero of the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, and the history of Prince Vlad Dracula, the fifteenth-century Wallachian ruler who lent his name to the Count. The society brings together the Count's subjects now found in every land around the world to discuss, analyze, and celebrate the phenomenon of the penetration of the Dracula myth in the modern world. That myth has impacted each of us in very distinctive ways.
The Transylvanian Society of Dracula has its international focus in Bucharest, Romania and national branches around the world from Japan to Italy. In May 1995, the Society sponsored the first World Dracula Congress in Romania. Approval of the formation of the American and Canadian Branches was given in 1994, and both were officially organized on May 29th, 1995, during the World Dracula Congress. Through it's various chapters, TSD will link individuals in North America with like-minded people in Romania and around the world.

TOURS TO TRANSYLVANIA: Thrice annually the society will sponsor tours to Romania to visit the very real Transylvania locations mentioned by Bram Stoker in his novel *Dracula* (insert dracnovel link here) and the sites associated with Prince Vlad Dracula, a hero to the Romanian people. In May 1996, the first such tour will include participation in a weekend symposium with Romanian and North American scholars on "The Nature of Belief in the Vampire" to be held at the Castle Dracula Hotel located in Borgo Pass, where Jonathan Harker originally met the mysterious Count.

THE TSD JOURNAL: The substantive "TSD Journal" will appear twice a year and include articles on Dracula and vampirism, short story fiction, poetry, and news of the Dracula, gothic and vampire fan community.

DRACULA EVENTS: Periodically the society will sponsor special events which will combine learned discussion on all aspects of Dracula and vampirism and with celebrative activities combining drama, music, art, and social activities. Currently, the Society is planning "Dracula '97", the 1997 celebration of the centennial of the publication of "Dracula"

RELATION TO OTHER DRACULA/VAMPIRE ORGANIZATIONS: TSD seeks to work cooperatively with other organizations and to supplement rather than compete with their programs for fans and members.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the Society is $50.00 per year. Members receive a subscription to the "journal" and discounts on all TSD sponsored events and tours. New members have a one-time additional $27.00 fee which covers the cost of their silver membership pin and leather membership card.

The Board of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula:

*American Chapter*
*Canadian Chapter*

*Everything We Can Imagine Does Exist!*

TSD will involve itself in a variety of enterprises to enhance the image of the Count in the public's eyes. You can be a part of that endeavor. for information on membership and programs of the TSD, write the American Chapter at: Box 91611, Santa Barbara, CA 93190-1611; and the Canadian Chapter at PO Box 23240, Churchill Square P.O., St. John's, NF A1B 4J9 CANADA.

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