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If you have a page or know of a page that should be here, please let me know. I'm trying to have as many relevant links as I can. However, when submitting URL, please be sure to include the title of the page as well. Enjoy, and if you notice any of the links being out of date, please let me know. Also, this page is best viewed using Netscape 3.0 or higher. The links don't seem to change color if you use Microsoft Explorer, sorry.

Literature - Zines, Authors, Books, Screenplays, Poems

Writer's References



Dark Shadows


Anne Rice


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The Vampire, Dracula and Incest

'Residua' - A Vampire's Reflection

The Night Times

Undead_Agains's Home Page

Vampire Seduction

Nocturnal Dreams

Vampire Poets

Vampire Principles

Vampire Tales

Vampire Love&Relationships

(the devil's road)

Laughingcorpse's Lair

Vampire Dreams - a review by Rain Graves

Mr. Sister's Poetry Pages

Mausoleum De Sangue

Scars Publications

A Vampire's Journals

Welcome, Children of the Night

Author Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

The Twisted Goddess

Dark Moon Graphics

Land of Eternal Night zine

Vampire Myths and Christian Symbolism - great paper!

The Castle Ferenczy Presents: NECROSCOPE!

John Steakley Fan Appreciation Page!

Blue Blood

Yvonne Navarro: Writer & Illustrator

Pam Keesey's Daughters of Darkness

Vampires We've Known and Loved Trivia Quiz

Jeffrey Sackett Bibliography

George R.R. Martin


Human/Vampire Compatibility Test

Vampire Jenn

Tome of Stories and Poems

Nocturnal Emissions - Dark Poets Page

Vampire Probability Test

Deeper Veins Virtual Chapbook

Vampire Vulnerability Test

Adrian and the Vampires - Screenplay which I will be reviewing soon.

Bram Stoker's Dracula - text version

Drakulya (home page of Earl Lee , author of this great book

Dracula (from New Wave Publishers)

David C Mudie's Home Page - book reviews

Heliophobe - For Those Who Love Pale Women

Murphy, Kevin Andrew

Nox, A Journal of the Night

Nancy Kilpatrick's home page

Nightstalker's Home Page

Pour chasser les vampires..

Poppy Z. Brite/ Caitlin R. Kiernan and Christa Faust homepage

Ravager's Kiss

SFF Net: People Pages - Author Info

Stephen King info page

Steven Walker's "Desmodus"

Substance - Vampires

The Staking Claims: by Author Paul Barber

RVKish & Comp. "Home of Great Vampire Novels"

Vampire Junction

Vampire Moon Table of Contents

"Vampires" by Leland Ray


"Vampires" by RICHARD FEIN

A Vampires Wish by Alyssa M. Sandoval

"Vampires" by Yolen and Greenberg

Vampires Unstaked. National Images, Stereotypes and Myths in East Central Europe

William Prigden's "Night of the Dragon's Blood"

Wingspan: a hyperfiction novel about Angels and Vampires

Writer's References

Horror Writer's Association

Writer's Write - Get Published on the Web

Inkspot Resources For Writers

Authorlink - for writers, editors, agents etc...

Writer's Web


Ivo's Vampire Page

New Paris by Night

Official Alt.Games.Vampire.the.Masquerade Site

Lost Eden

Once upon a corner of my mind..

Emprise de la Nuit / Aprehende Noctis

#Saturnalia Home Page...Magicstar's Sabbat Role-Playing

amithyst's homepage

Welcome to the #Sabbat_Vampires Hell Hole

Life of the Damned


Welcome To #Lafitte's

Torment's Front Line


The Citadel

page of the vampire

Firecat's Lair

The Catacombs of Blood

My Castle..

La Villa de la Rosa

Aleczandria's Domain

Club Necropolis


The Turks Homepage

Magnus's Lair

Rebecca Gilbert's: Page d'Toreador

Night Shades

Pure's Lair

Electra, Brujah of Boston

A Gangrel Journal

Vampyres: The Ring homepage

Java's Crypt: The Source for Fine Jewelry

Phoenix by Night

Vampire! PBM from Harbinger Enterprises

Undead page

Vampyres Guilty Pleasures

Vampires/Anarchs/Creatures of the Night RPG


The crypt

Night's End

Giovanni Homepage


Naanad's Little Part of the Vampire Court

Vampire Court Support

Alucard's Home

Castle X

Toreador Elysium

Solaria's Haven


DamseloftheDark's Haven

Home of BlackRose

The Assamites Homepage

Ashla Tenshi's Lair

The Vryce Haven

The Sanguine Estate

Lord Blackthorin Dread's ~Soul of Darkness~

Contessa's Private Chambers

The Motionless Dance

Vampires of the Night

Childe of the Olde Country

Black Heart Chantry

Gabry's Domain

The Crawlspace

Ariya Morningstar's Sanctuary


The Gyre Bloodline

Into the Darkness

Johnny's Lair

The Church of Dawn

Clan K'Leshya

Gamer's Source

White Wolf Online

Twilight Tenebrous


Brujah Clan: Suspended in Dusk

C2P: Closed Casket Productions

Chicago Masque of the Damned

City & Westminster Masquerade

Clan Nosferatu

Clan Ravnos Archives

Lasher's Place

Dark Moon

Darkest Before Dawn - Philadelphia, PA

Darkest Night

DeathJester's Lunchbox

Diablo's Children

Elizium Vampiria in Polish

Embracing the Muse

Shattered Dreams

Gateway to the World of Darkness

HarlyQuin's Insanitorium

Haven, The

House of the Embraced

House of the Ruby Chalice

Hoyle's Vampire Page

Indianapolis By Night

Loughborough and Leicester Vampire LRP

Manus Nigrum Tal'Mahe'Ra Vampire WoD

New York by Night

Niagara by Night

Oshawa LARP

Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization

Point of Darkness

Purity of Fire

Seven Deadly Sins

Sicilian Brujah

Toronto By Night LARP

Vampire Archive

Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Eternal Struggle Resources

Vampire: The Masquerade []

Vampire: The Masquerade [France]

Vampire: The Senate of Hamburg

Varna's Lair

Ventrue Homepage

Wellington By Night

Maidstone: The Embraced

La 3eme Voie - Paris By Night (in French)

Kil' Jaied

Stayka's World of Darkness Stuff

Storyteller's Haven!

V:tM - Clans

Vampire: The Masquerade

V:tM - Tears of the night

Vampire: The Masquerade

Lady Samantha's V: TM Page

VAMPIRE - The Hastings Chronicles

Fright Night Site Fights

World of Darkness Web Ring

Vampire: the Masquerade

Books Inc. Roleplaying Cards For Sale (including Jyhad)

Cams Page of Vampire Stuff


Gainesville By Night (takes place in the town where I live)

Histoires de vampires

Judith and Mark's Jyhad Page

Mother Of Serpents

Necropolis MUX

New York By Night

Dark Side of the Net Resources

Le Salon de la Rose

UK Vampires

The Vampire Society

"Vampires: The Varieties" from Interregnum

Vampire Rules

Vampire Wars MUD

Vampires in Harn

VtM - WhiteWolf: Genealogy

Vampires in Games

Lovers of Vampires Guild Page

Who's What in the World of Darkness


Innocence Gothic Fashions

The Awakenings

Firestarr's Lair

The Master's Lair

The Dark Enchantress's Lair

My Dark Side

The Moors of Mirth

Island of Broken Toys

Morticia's Byte Of The Night

The Dungeon

Drizzit's Crypt

Deathpoem's Web of Tangled Thoughts

Dark Thoughts and Cheerful Lies

Red Stella's Spread

Ravenwood:Realm of Shadow and Light

The Matrix

The Unholy Sanctuary Of The Queen Of Darkness


The Vrolok's Dominion


Gothica Poems

Blackened dreams....

Autumn Cemetery Text

Be Indifferent

Certain Variables


Fin de Siecle Too: Identification and Gothic Subculture

Gay Goth Network

Gothic Gardening

Gothic Martha Stewart

Gothic Order

Gothic Page


Gothica: Kingdom of Darkness




Into The Darkness

Life In A Gothic World

Lord of the Dead


Sanctuary, The

Through a Dark Adapted Eye

Blood Dance

The Horde

Ordo Anno Mundi


Inferno - Gothic Club

Domina's Woven Web - info for Fla Goths

Lost Souls

Ipso Facto

Gothic Rainbow

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey

Dark Echo's Horror Web

Dark Side Of The Web

the darkside

Darkside of the Lion

Gothic Beach Studio

Orlock's Gothic Page

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Dot Com

Dark Shadows FAQ

Guardian's Dark Shadows Chat

Nancy's Dark Shadows Page

Pomegranate Press

Johnson, Bill []


The Dark Shadows Supernatural Page

Sci Fi Channel Dark Shadow site

Dark Shadows Home Page

International Friends of Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Fan Fiction

Judy's Dark Shadows Page

The World of Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows Fan Club

World of Dark Shadows


Satyr & Circe Vampirella Model Tribute

Root Beer Comics

Forrest J. Ackerman's Wide Webbed World


Vampirella of Drakulonne



Anne Rice

Villa of the Mysteries

Blood Roses

Krysanthemum's Interview with the Vampire Page

Circle of Three

The Unofficial Akasha- Queen of the Damned Homepage

The Vampire Chronicles Art Gallery

Anne Rice []


A Tribute to: The Vampire Chronicles

The Wit and Wisdom of the Vampire Lestat

Enfant de la Mort

Blessed Darkness - a role-playing site dedicated to Anne Rice's vampires.

Anne RiceLinks

Commotion Strange

The Gathering Gazette

Interview with the Vampire is the real pornography? (absolute crap)

Shadowfox's Anne Rice Page

An Anne Rice Biography

Anne Rice FAQ

Anne Rice's Gothic World

The Brat Queen's Homepage

Salon Magazine's Anne Rice Book Tour Updates

Devil's Road

Theatre des Vampires

Welkin's Window

From Anne Rice: On the Film []

Adorned in Velvet

Official Anne Rice Page

Anne Rice Novel Photo Gallery

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles

Dracula's Daughter

Guide to Anne Rice Pilgrimages

So You Think You'd Kill at Anne Rice Trivial Pursuits?

Vampires of Anne Rice


Vampire Chat



Ben's Vampire Chat

Necropolis Vampire Chat

The Keep of Vladislaw Raventorn

Vampire Haven

Vampire's Playground

Vampyre Chat Room

Vampyres Only Conversation Areas

Vixen's Den

Vampire Junction can be reached at:

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