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If you have a page or know of a page that should be here, please let me know. I'm trying to have as many relevant links as I can. However, when submitting URL, please be sure to include the title of the page as well. Enjoy, and if you notice any of the links being out of date, please let me know. Also, this page is best viewed using Netscape 3.0 or higher. The links don't seem to change color if you use Microsoft Explorer, sorry.

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Amethyst: Heart of Darkness

Auntie Gruesome

The Abyss

After Dark: the Mysteries of Blood

Akasha's Vampyre Haven

The Awakenings - Vampire section

Allandra's Realm of the Damned

Aluka's House

Akasha's Realm

A Walk In The Shadows

At Dawn They Sleep

Armond's Haven

American Association of Blood Banks

Australian Vampire Information Association



Blood Haven

Babette Freniere



Basik's Vampire Pages


Bourbon Street Bayou 1791

Blackey's Page of Darkness

Basik's Vampire List

The Brat Princess's Castle

Bathory House

Blood Fetish.Com

Basik's Vampire List

Born Again Vampires

The Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot

Countess Bathory Biography

Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory: Blood Countess

Elizabeth Bathory

Bridget - World Of Darkness

Bat Conservation International Inc.

Blood: The Deadly Nector

Bloodlust: The Aussie vamp movie that was banned in England

Bodice Ripping, Vampires and Babe Watch

Blood Transfusion Centre

Bloodlust - A Club for Vampires


Carpe Noctum

Chateau des Morte

Care for a Dance in Blood Velvet

Chyldren Of The Night

Coven of Angels

CountessX's Vampirism Page

Creatures of the Night

The Corpus Nacht Clan

Carpe Noctem

The Coven Organization

La Commedia del Sangue: the Vampyr Theatre

Crypt of the Blood Lord~*My Asylum*~

Chris Light's Vampire Hunting Page

Cathedral of Sorrow

Christopher's Vampire Village

The Closet-Vampire Central

The Curse of the Immortal

Chateau des Morte

Csejthe Castle

Chelly's Page of the Strange and Unnatural

The Crypt of the Vampyre

Club Morpheus

Claudia's Dollhouse - bulletin board for vampires.

Castle of Darkness

Ciltrel's Entrance

Chupacabra Home Page

Coffin Kits

The CD-ROM Shop - VICTOR VECTOR: A vampire Cd-rom

Children of the Night

Cafe de Minuit



DarkSeed's Lair

A Dark Vampire Fantasy/Lady Miska's Reality

The Dark Castle of Lady_Pandora_Iscariot

The Darkness of the Light

The Dark Journal

Dusk's Embrace

Death's Layer

danse macabre

Dark Ages: Dark Places in my Mind

Demoslayers homepage

Drama's Utopia of Darkness

Danyosan's Horror Home

Dracula's Ball

Dr. Shroud, Vampire Killer!!


Dragonvamp's Den

Darclomon's Lair

My Dark Domain


Darklady's Realm

Demon's Lair, The

Descendants of Cain: Vampires

Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Krypt


Dracula: The Man, The Myth, the Legend

The Dark Path

Delicious Vampire Sites

The Darker Side of Chazwick

The Dying - an independant movie

Demonsoul - an independant movie

The Dark Court

Dark Path Productions

Prinz Dracula's Official Page

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Dracula's Castle

Dracula: The Series


Elena's Vampire Page

Enter The World Of Darkness

Elena's Night World

Empyrean Darkness

ELISABETxA's Homepage

Elizabeth Miller's Homepage

Experiments in Blood


Forever Scarlet's Ultimate Vampire Links

Fallen Temple of the Damned

First Brood, The

Following Dracula's Steps Romanian Tours

The Fang Club

Mark Frankel's Obituary

Small Tribute to Mark Frankel (Julian Luna on "Kindred: The Embraced")

From Dusk Till Dawn: Doorways

From Dusk Till Dawn

Fangs - Tooth Fairy Teeth

Fantastic Festival - Bal des Vampires

Forever Scarlet


graFiXer´s Dracula Homepage In English and Dutch

Gyllen's Lair

G Kelly's Vampire Page

The Garden of Hell

Guide to the Undead

Gravely Mistaken


Hell On Wheels

Holly's Haven

Home of Psion25

House Verthaine Presents: Vampyre Lifestylers

Hall of Memories

Hijos de la noche (Children of the Night) - info on an independant movie

Historical Vampire

Home Page Of A Vampire

the Horde

The Hall of Vampires

Hama's Vampyre Page

How to Contact the Vampires

How To Make Nice Looking Fangs For Next To Nothing



I Bring You Forever

My Page of Infinite Infinity

Immaculota's Haven For The Damned


Interview With a Vampyre FAQs

Into Transylvania - Land of Dracula

Intravamp - International Vampire


Jasrin's Lair

Janis' World of the Undead

Jake's Vampire and Smoking Page


Khayman's Khorner

Katakuna translation-VAMPIRE

Kilagan's Coffin

Karrakaz Manor

The Kindred's Embrace

Kindred's Haven

Khi's Vampire Castle



The Lair of the Ladee Vamp

Lady Jamie's Vampyre Castle

The Lost Boys Page

Lord Dracull's Lair

La Page de L'Ange Noire

Lady Wyndsongs Page of Elegance

The Lady's Lair

The Lair of Lady Siimba

Lady Ximene's Vampire Kiss Page

Lady Marekas crypt

Lady Guenevere's Garden

Louis's Chambers

LifezBluud's Vampire Info Exchange

Lishna's Lair of Darkness

Lady Lamia's Land of Darkness

Lois Abductions Inc.

Lady ArchAngel's

LadyBlak's Cavern

Lylliths Labyrinth

Lady Sabra's Castle

Lord Kreator 's Home Page

Lair of Malezebuth

League of Vampiric Bards

The Last Great Feast Of Boundless Imagination

The Laws of the Vampires

Lair of the Vampiress


Moriana's Haven

milena's home page

my heartland

Manda's Dark Corner of the Web


Morgana de Guerre's Home Crypt

Mileena's Chateau

MemnochTD's Lair

^Memnoch^'s Lair

Memnoch's Lair

Morticia's Dungeon

MMMMina's Homepage

Malkavian Madness Network

Midnightdawn's Pearly Gates of Hell

Melinda's Vampire Resource Page

MetroActive | Santa Cruz | Vampires

mystical's Home Page

Made by Monks (t-shirts etc...)

Music of Dracul


Night Island

No Return From Eternity

Near Dark


NoWay Ethernal domain of pain


Nicolas de Lenfent, Divine Violonist


neovampireice's Home Page

The net.Vampyric

Nightmare Factory - Dracula Masks



The Official Murray Vampires Home Page

Optical Dillusions

The Official #Vampire Homepage


The Pathways

Phoenixess Lair

Pathway to Darkness - Vamp mailing lists info.

Places to Meet Vampyres on the Net

Pathway To Darkness




Realm Of Insanity

The Real Vampire's Play house

Regnum Cognati

Royaume Des Damnees

Rose Dawson's immortal Shrine to Vienna's

The Realm of Darknysse

Realm of Nosferatu

Reaper's Realm


Ravinn's Boudoire

The Ravenwood Archives

Ravinn's Nest

Real Vampires

Ring of the Night

Raven Hawk

Ring of Blood

The Redrum Coffeehouse

Raven's Dark Links

Ring of the Vampires - info

Ring of Vampires - Comprehensive Listing


the screaming pages

shrouded in darkness

Sinister Visions: The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Shadow_Hunter's Homepage

Satinka's Lair

The Shadow Palace


Sunspot Designs Online Catalog

The §eçt of The Watçher§

~the sweet kiss~

The Sin Within

Sirenna's Castle

Spirit of the Night

Sanguinarius "Vam-Personals"

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page

So You Want to Be a Vampire

Strangeblades & More - Theatrical Vampire Fangs

Stayka dey Avemta - World of Darkness

srtarrant's Home Page

Silver Raven

Sabretooth, Inc.


Sanguinarii Liberi



A Theory on Real Vampirism

Theories on Real Vampirism

Thee Vampire Guild

Teeth By Dnash

Tyrene's Lab

Temple of the Vampire

Two Vampires

Tex Berhardt'sVampire Hunter Homepage

Theatre des Vampires

Transylvania Press, Inc. Home Page (great, high - quality books)

Transylvanian Society of Dracula


Unholy Trinity

The Unseen..The Unknown Vampiric Tomb

Undead Domain


VanCanis Inc

Vampires Anonymous

The VIEW: The Vampire Information & Education Website

Vampyres Dreams

Vampire Clan Webring Homepage

The Vampire's Dungeon

Vampires & X-files

Vampiress Death's Lair

The Vampire's Playground

Vampire's Playground

Vampires Among Us...Who's Necks(t)?

Vampires of Fern Canyon

The Vampyre LaCroix

Vampires Tavern Home Page

Vampires - Darkness Reigns

The Vampire's Den

The Vampire Haven

The Vampire Hall Home Page


Vampyre Research SocietyVampire Underworld

† Vampire Coven †

The Vampire Haven

The Vampires of Night Shadows

The Vampire in Modern Art and Other Oddities


Vampires, Myth or Reality?

Vampires: Clearly the Facts

Vamp's Page :)=

The Vampires Sepulcher

The Vampire David

Vampire Femmes

Vampires in Texas

Vampyre Books

The Vampire Museum

Vampire Classifieds

Vampire Links Page

Vampire Research Center Web Ring

Vampire Research Institute

Vampire Yellow Pages

Vamp Central

The Vampire Connection

Vampire Duck Page

The Vampire Lounge

Vamp: Cultural References

Vampire Movies at B-Movie.Com

Vampire's Playground

Viper's Vampire Page

Vampyre's Asylum

Vampyre Music Page

Vampyress's Page

Vampyres R Us

VampGyrl's Domain

The Vampire's Lair

Vampire Kitty

Vampyre Desire

The Vampire Mekare - Queen of the Damned

Vampire Slayer 's Home Page

The Official Vampire Court Homepage

Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Trivia Maze puzzle game

Vampiress Xylura's Lair

Vampire Bohimeon's Homepage

Vlad Knight

vampire_prince's Home Page


VampireDRP's Home Page

The Vampire

Vampire Hunters Domain - not really about vamps, but check out that logo!

Vampire Greeting Cards by Gemini Graphics


Vampire Lover

Vampyres: The Ring

Vampire City

Vampyre Exchange and Information Network Europe

Vampires and Witches

Vampire A-Z

Vampire Church

Vamp Elite

Jordan, Valerie - Valerie's Lair of Horror

Eretik, Daja - Vampire Research Center

Vampire Lestat's Challenge

The Vampire's Vault

Vampire Pages of Labich

Talismanic Tours Ltd. - Halloween, New Orleans, Supernatural Tours etc...

About Vampires...

Vampiros (In Spanish)



Vampires in Film

The Vampyre Syndicate

Vampires and Sex

Vampires and the Dark Gift

Vampyres Only

Vampire Vineyards ( Cool! Check it out.)


Vampire Hunter's Realm

The Vampyre White Pages

Vampire Athenaeum


World of Synne

Wicked Little Vampire Page


thewhiterose's Page

Welcome to Akasha!


Who is afraid of the Japanese Vampire Girls?


Xanthias's Lair


No entries yet.


Zerotime Paranormal Research

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