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Candy was born in 1968 in Scranton Pennsylvania. She has been a resident of Florida since 1979 and currently lives in Gainesville, home of the University of Florida. She is the creator of Vampire Junction and was mentioned and thanked in Gordon Melton's "The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead".
When she is not working on Vampire Junction, she works as a hairstylist, reads voraciously, writes mediocre short stories, watches way the hell too much TV, takes care of her 24 cats (not a typo, she has 24 cats!) and 13 foot Burmese python, named Basil, and indulges herself in her juvenile fascination with certain cute tv/movie stars. She also spends an enormous amount of time organizing the annual trip to New Orleans for Anne Rice's Vampire Ball of which at least ten of her friends counts on her to do.
Here are some of her favorite non-vampire links:

BETH TAYLOR, co-Editor, Computer Goddess

Beth and Pete at their wedding.

PETE TAYLOR, Computer God


Chriss Byrom was born in Pontiac, Michigan on 10 October 1970. Her family then moved to California, Texas and finally Orlando, Florida where she spent her high school years. She chose the University of Florida in Gainesville as her college where she spent two years majoring in Nightclubbing. After making straight A's in dancing and drinking, she moved to Jacksonville (where her parents now live) to work as an assistant manager at Blockbuster Video. She is a recovering Goth who spends her time watching Hong Kong movies, especially Chow Fat-Yun, drinking coffee, listening to music and driving an enormous car that has a bumpersticker that reads "Fight Prime Time...Read a Book". She looks forward to her annual trip to New Orleans to attend Anne Rice's Vampire Ball. And one of these days she might actually get her shit together enough to get Internet access so Candy won't have to spend so much money on phone bills.

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