Recipe For Italian Sandwich
HERE GOES:   Medium Crusty Roll 
                          Thin slices American cheese 
                          Thin slices ham 
                          Diced onion 
                          Sliced sour pickles 
                          Slices fresh tomatoes 
                          Slices green peppers 
                          Slices Greek black olives 
Says nothing about olive oil, but I wouldn't want one without. 
Story In Yankee Magazine - The Italians at Amatos F
One of the advantages of living in Maines largest city is that you have such 
a wide number of choices of places to get your Italian sandwiches. 
Portland's unsung contribution to the gastronomical world.  There is nothing 
like an Italian sandwich elsewhere in the country.  My daughter now in her 
last year of college in Baltimore, discovered that other states have 
pretenders--called, "subs" but they are not the same. 
Invented in Portland (local lore has it) in 1899 by an Italian baker named 
Giovanni Amato as a portable inexpensive lunch for road construction 
workers, the Italian sandwich has become a staple of every corner variety store 
and takeout sandwich shop.  If your casual about Italian sandwiches  or 
loyal to a local businesses, you might gravitate to the place nearest to 
wherever you live or work.  Connoisseurs though, are more than willing to 
drive across town. (end of article) 
Good Luck! 
Stan and Minty