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[Alachua County SKYWARN]
Online Registration and Questionnaire

Thanks for your interest in joining Alachua County SKYWARN!

Please fill this form out as completely as possible. Where choice boxes are available, click all that apply. The information from this form shall remain private and will be used by SKYWARN Admin only. Nothing presented herein will disseminated to the public.

The form is rather extensive; but its a one-time thing and you won't have to go through it again because it will become a permanent record.


While we will add you to the list of spotters if you have not received any training, we will do so with the expectation that at the next available opportunity, you will end up taking at least a BASIC and hopefully the ADVANCED spotter training class(es).

Info here will be sent to: Alachua County SKYWARN (skywarn@afn.org)

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Your Mailing Address (street, city, state, zip):

  3. Your Phone Number(s)
    [Include work number(s) if you wish us to reach you there]:

  4. Are you a licensed ham (amateur radio) operator?
  5. If so, what is your callsign?
  6. Currently a member of Alachua County ARES/RACES?
  7. Currently a member of any local am. radio clubs?
  8. If so, which?
    Gainesville Amateur Radio Society (GARS)
    Gator Amateur Radio Club (GARC)
    Santa Fe Community College ARC (SFCCARC)
  9. Currently a member of ARRL?
  10. Do you have the capability of:
    HF Base? Mobile?
    144 MHz Base? Mobile? Portable/hand-held?
    220 MHz Base? Mobile? Portable/hand-held?
    440 MHz Base? Mobile? Portable/hand-held?
    ATV Base? Mobile/portable capability?
  11. Anything we need to know about these radios? (limits? crystal-controlled to one freq. only? etc.)

  12. Do you have GMRS (General Mobile Radio Svc.)/FRS (Family Radio Svc.) radio capability?
    [That is, do have a transceiver(s) and are you licensed to transmit?]
  13. Do you have a CB (Citizen's Band) radio?
    Currently a member of local REACT?
  14. If you have one or more of the above radio services available to you (amateur radio, GRMS/FRS, and/or CB), would you be willing to work as a liason between active nets in these services?
    [Basically, this means that you would act as the information `gopher,' bringing spotting information back and forth between the services, so as to avoid the duplication of severe weather reports sent to the NWS.]
  15. Do you have a scanner?
    Portable/hand-held? Mobile? Base?
    Can it scan the CB and GMRS/FRS bands?
    Can it recieve NOAA Weather broadcasts?
    [NOTE: Unless you are a licensed ham, a licensed alarm system contractor, a member of Press on duty, or have written permission from the Chief of Police in the city that you reside, the use of scanners while mobile is illegal here in Florida.]
  16. Do you have Pager service?
    What do we need to know to page you?
    [Pager company, central tel. no. (for alpha and some digital pagers), pager e-mail address (for sending messages), etc.]

  17. Do you own a weather radio with NWR-SAME Alert (Specific Area Message Encoding) capability?
    At Home?
    At Work?
  18. Do you own a home weather station?
  19. Do you own a PC computer?
  20. Do you own a Laptop computer?
  21. Have weather-related software?
    If so, what?

  22. Are you adept at programming PCs?
    If so, would you be willing to design SKYWARN-related programs for use by admin and members?
  23. Do you have Internet access?
  24. E-mail?
    If so, what is/(are) your e-mail address(es)?

  25. WWW access?
  26. Do you run a web page of your own? If so, what is your main web page address?
  27. Willing to help out in running our SKYWARN web page?
  28. Answering E-mail?
  29. Updating web pages?
  30. Experience designing web page graphics?
  31. Willing to design graphics for our SKYWARN web page, if needed?
  32. Willing to help with a newsletter?
    Writing articles?
  33. Have you ever participated in a SKYWARN operation before?
  34. Have you taken and passed any LOCAL (from NWS-Jax) spotter training classes before?
    BASIC spotter training
    ADVANCED spotter training
  35. Have you taken and passed any spotter training classes from any other location (from a city/county/state of a previous residence)?
  36. If so, where? and what classes (BASIC/ADVANCED)?

  37. Willing to act in some form of SKYWARN administrative duty?
  38. Ever participated as a Net Control Station (NCS) for a SKYWARN net before?
  39. If so, for what organization(s)?

  40. If you have previous experience as a SKYWARN NCS, would you be willing to act as NCS for our local SKYWARN nets?
  41. In actual spotting, do you prefer:
    Spotting from home?
    Spotting in the field/mobile?
    Prefer home spotting but if necessary would do field work?
  42. If there is a weather situation, do you wish to be alerted by:
    Internet e-mail?
    Other []
  43. Click what you own and are willing to use in the field:
    Compass Ruler-Protractor Drawing Compass
    State Map(s) County Map(s) City Map(s)
    Video Camera SLR Camera (not automatic)
    (We may call upon you for bearings to certain events, locations, or ask you to document an event, and the above may be necessary.)
  44. Photographic developing experience and capability?
  45. Willing to take on developing 35mm film for members (if they are willing to reimburse you for chemicals, paper, etc. used)?
    [Local photo labs aren't very responsible and just can't seem to do the job right without scratching, under/over-exposing, etc. - and then blaming it on you, your film, and/or your camera. ]
  46. Willing to participate in various fund-raising activities to raise money to obtain equipment that will help make our SKYWARN more efficient?
  47. Comments/Critiques/Suggestions:

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