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Cats, dogs, birds, etc. Are you a local spotter? Got a pet? Got a favorite photo of it? Share it and your added description with us and we'll put it up here!

[ Raisen demonstrates how a spotter must have diligent eyes. ]


Owner: Todd Sherman/KB4MHH
Spotter #: ALA-001
Location: Northwest Gainesville

[ Here, during a Spotter Training Session,
Raisen demonstrates how a spotter must scan the skies constantly. ] Look for two hours, but you won't find her. That's because she's sitting on top of the china cabinet staring down at you with n'er a word while you search. When you do finally find her she'll usually give you the "took you long enough, stupid!" look. Very nimble and agile, Raisen is able to catch flying hailstones in a single bound with a single swipe of a paw, and her extra claws afford no chance of slippage. With an extra thumb on each paw, she can grasp and hold most any flying debris. She's also trained to use a leash and a runner, and doesn't mind either. Well trained as a sensible spotter kitty, Raisen knows proper storm safety procedures -- including hiding beneath the couch at the slightest thunder. (And she won't [ Instantly terrified by the sudden
loud clap of thunder from a lightning strike very close outside, Raisen's
ears instantly react, then return to normal.  (This was a lucky photographic
capture not planned for.)  Seconds later, Raisen could be found hiding
beneath the couch. ] come out until its over, either!) Raisen is one of two kittens born to Muffin. (Muffin is the plain-muffin original; Raisen is the Raisen-muffin; and the other kitten was Bran - as in Bran-muffin.) Raisen graduated from KIT in 1996 with BAs in Astrophysics and Meteorology, and a Masters in Psychology. (The latter of which she insists upon demonstrating to her master every day.) Her works include Raisen's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, the Catstitution of the United States, and of course, the famous Caterwalling of Rights. Her most current reasearch studies include Using The TAIL (or Totable Atmostpheric Investigations Lance) To Predict The Weather While On The Move. More information about Raisen (and further information about her works and projects, including frame grabs from actual experiments she was involved in - especially video of her throwing herself into the path of a tornado) can be found here.

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