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Pagers are slowly making their exit, it seems - being replaced with cellphones, iPhones, iPads, and PDAs...including Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Okay, so, maybe not blueberries and raspberries...but you know what we mean.

However, for those who still make use of paging-related services, we have the capability to cater to them...

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Please provide us with some personal contact information with which to use to contact you if there are any problems, and/or we need to make any changes to services which may require your attention.

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The following section lists all of the bulletin packages and the custom option choices that are available.

I would like to receive the following weather
alert package(s):
 Watches & Warnings Package (SVR, TOR) - Tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. 
 Special Weather Statements (SPS) 
 Severe Weather Statements (SVS) 
 Day-One Severe Weather Outlook (DAY-ONE Forecast) - This is a line or two of text swiped from the Hazardous Weather Outlook describing the day's expected severe weather situation. IT CAN BE ISSUED MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. 
 Spotter Activation Advisory Notice (Spotter Activation Notice) - This is a single line of text swiped from the Hazardous Weather Outlook describing the expected or current spotter activation situation. IT CAN BE ISSUED MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. 
 Zone Forecast Package (Today) - For paging, this would be the forecast paragraph dealing specifically with your county, and only that portion dealing with TODAY'S forecast. ISSUED A NUMBER OF TIMES EACH DAY, as the forecasts are updated. 
 Short Term Forecast (aka NOWCast) - This bulletin is issued only when storms are present in the area, whether severe or not. They simply describe the current situation in a few sentences - location of storm, direction of travel, nearby cities, 
 Civil Emergency Bulletins - Civil emergencies don't often happen in our area, but this will allow you to receive those bulletins should any actually be issued. The CAVEAT is this: NWS-JAX just hasn't been a fan of using these at all. 
(You may choose more than one package.)
Indicate which county you would like to receive
these bulletins for:
(You may choose more than one county if you wish
all handling options to be the same for each
county. If you would like different handling
options for different counties, then please fill
out a separate additional form. If you happen to
live in a notehren Florida county NOT listed above
and you're having a particularly hard time trying
to find a free local service to provide you with
weather bulletins then let us know in the Comments
section at the bottom of this form and list the
county or counties that you would like the
bulletins for and we'll see if we can't set you


Please note that all bulletins sent to pagers will be sent with parsing and abbreviated text by default so as to use up the least amount of message space possible.


The following section provides us with information which will allow you the option of setting up day and time period ranges within which you can either have us HOLD any emails which come in during the specified time period; OR, within which you can choose for us to turn off notification entirely. Note that these options are not required and they are only offered herein as an added convenience, if you should choose.
Days that you do NOT wish to receive these
bulletins on (if applicable):
(Choose as many as you prefer.)
HOLD TIME BEGIN: If applicable, please choose the
STARTING TIME within which you would NOT like to
receive these bulletins:
HOLD TIME END: If applicable, please choose the
ENDING TIME within which you would NOT like to
receive these bulletins:
Would you like us to DELAY those bulletins that
occur during the hold times, or turn off
notification entirely during this time
 Yes, please hold the bulletins until the end of the hold time and then send them to me. 
 No, that's okay. I don't need them. Just delete those bulletins that occur between the hold times. 


In order for us to be able to send you these bulletins, we will need to know who your paging service provider is, and some details about your service.

What is the name of your service provider? *
What is your pager phone number? *
What is your pager's PIN number?
Notes, comments, special handling instructions?


By filling out this form, you agree that if you should move, or if any of your contact information should change - including your email addresses, pager numbers, and/or pager pins - you will notify us as soon as possible so that we can either update your information or remove you from our database. This helps to prevent the forwarding of unnecessary bulletins to closed, nonexistent accounts, keeps us from cluttering up net bandwidth unnecessarilly, and helps us to free up needlessly used database space on our servers. (In other words, don't just move and leave us hanging.) Remember that this is a free public service and the work involved in mantaining this is uncompensated for. Please do your part to keep us updated and thus in helping to lessen our workload. Thanks.

-AC-EMWIN Management
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