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NWR:  162.475 MHz
SAME Code:  012001

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* Much grateful thanks to Derek H, of UF CNS, for all of his help in getting us up and running. Derek rocks. He's always there, answers every email, gets things done. This is a cool guy.

* Thanks to University of Fla. Listserv for all their help and for allowing us the space on their server.

* Thanks to Danny Lloyd, author of Weather Message (aka WxMesg) software. Danny is always there, reads every email, responds right away, takes suggestions for improvements and implements them if he thinks they're worthy.

* The SKYWARN logo itself, of course, is trademarked by the US Department of Commerce and is used and even modified with their permission with the understanding that they retain right to the logo in all its forms.

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* Thanks also to Michael Masters of the Middle Tennessee SKYWARN Group for allowing the permission use of their animated, rotating SKYWARN pog, here. Very talented work. Visit their web page to see just how good these guys are at HTML editing.

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