Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc

Committed to the preservation of Manhood and the African American Ethnic Culture

I wanted to set up some sort of simple security protocol to allow access only to Brothers. However, the rules of my internet service provider don't allow users access to the CGI portion of to web server. If there is a Brother who has his own server (I have one, but I can't afford to have my own Internet site) and is interested, e-mail me.

FOR EOS CHAPTER: Be prepared for our upcoming projects; Beta Club, SATAP, and other service projects.

Congratulations to Bro Emmitt Smith for his graduation from the University of Florida!
Congrats on the new contract. Much success in the upcoming season!
Another badd SIGMA, taking care of business!

Here is where Sigma Only information and Topics will be posted!

Still under construction!...

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