Atty. Violette Anderson, first African-American
Sarah Vaughn, international jazz singer
Zora Neale Hurston, anthologist, modern writer, and folklorist
Jylla Foster, current National President and branch magr. for IBM
Elizabeth Koontz, first black president of the NEA
Dr. Alyce Gullantee, first black psychiatrist to receive an Emmy
Dionne Warwick, international recording celebrity
Lullelia Harrison, first exec. secretary of any of the greek letter organizations
Versia Lindsay, first woman to graduate from the School of Sciences at Atlanta University
Anita Turpeau Anderson, first woman on the debate team at Howard
Freddye Henderson, first black owner of a travel agency in the U.S.
Sheila Williams, first black female news and public affairs director for two radio stations simultaneously
Clara McLaughlin, first black woman to own and operate a t.v. station
Myrtice Taylor, first black superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the Atlanta Public Schools
Edythe White, first woman to serve on the Jackson, Alabama City Council
Judge Bernice Donald, first black woman elected to the Tennessee Judiciary
Ester Rolle, movie and television celebrity
Grace Bumbry, international opera singer
Algenita Scott Davis, immediate past national president of the National Bar Association
Dr. Elaine Johnson, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services ADAHMA Director
Dr. Lucy Perez, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Office of Substance Abuse Prevention Medical Director
Yvonne Miller, Virginia State Senator
Judge Willie Whiting, circuit court of Cook County
Dr. Deborah Wolfe, former U.S> Education Chief, U.S. House of REpresentative committee on Education and Labor,and Chairperson of the New Jersey Board of Higher Education
Thelma Duggin, political activist

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