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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    Everybody Needs A Wookie Sometimes

    Crackbrained pseudo poetry from the Mind of The Sleep Deprived....

    Everybody needs a Wookie sometimes
    There's a time a Wookie meets your need
    They're good with tools and they don't put up with fools
    Mind you they're a costly bunch to feed!
    Everybody needs a Wookie sometimes
    A hairy giant plainly fills the bill
    He'll fly the ship and track that radar pip
    With his turbo blasters set to "kill"!
    Everybody needs a Wookie sometimes
    Seek assistance from the Wookie race
    Be sure to pay his salary on time though
    Because he's big enough to smash your face!
    © 2006 by Bruce H. McIntosh,if only to keep it from spreading like the green fuzzies that ate the extra bag of hotdog buns last Thursday>

    Previously posted on my LiveJournal.

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