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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

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    Writings of various natures on various topics

    Haiku - Life Observations

    Turning on the tube
    Like an untimely spring frost
    Makes your mind wither
    Taking hot showers
    Wearing a jacket to work
    Guess it must be fall.
    Cling tenaciously
    To the harsh truth that not much
    Lives up to its hype.
    Is there not in truth
    A way out? A nail scarred cross
    and an empty tomb?
    You speak of these myths
    As if real, and God Himself
    As if He were myth.
    In the neighborhood
    One finds all manner of folks
    Both couth and uncouth.
    Learn toleration
    Since firebombing the neighbors
    Is quite illegal
    A glimmer of sunlight
    Reflected on the water
    Thus is life online
    Monday once again:
    Power Bars and bananas
    And unread email
    The passenger train
    Needs to have a renaissance;
    All aboard Amtrak!
    Little cameras
    Perch atop the traffic lights
    Observing the jams
    Behold the clothespin
    Splendid construct, wood and spring
    It keeps the chips fresh
    Fluorescent light bulbs:
    Ravage the environment,
    Make the Chinese rich!

    First appeared in a variety of Facebook, LiveJournal, and other online spaces.

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