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    Assault Rifles

    The term "assault rifle" comes from the Sturmgewehr 44 (literally "Storm rifle" or "assualt rifle" model of 1944),the first really practical selective-fire infantry weapon. It was an effort to provide increased firepower to individual infantrymen for assaulting heavily defended positions. The Kalashnikov AK-47 and the M-14 and M-16 were refinements or reinterpretations of the assault rifle concept. The essential feature of a true assault rifle is of course the fact that it it's selective fire: flip a lever and your rifle is now a light machine gun.

    NONE of the weapons currently on the civilian market - not the AR-15,not any of the SiGs or HKs or AK-47 clones,not even the Springfield M1A or the Thompson copies that Auto-Ordinance sells,qualify as "assault rifles",because NONE of them are capable of firing full-auto,nor are any of them modifiable TO fire full-auto. Internally,for example,an AR-15 is different enough from its military dopplegangers the M-16 and M-4 that it cannot be made to fire more than one round at a time. All the "tactical" stocks,pistol grips,30 round magazines,accessory rails,lasers,IR scopes,flash suppressors or bipods you care to hang on your hideously expensive tricked out AR will NEVER turn that AR into an M-16. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    Of course,this trenchant and to-the-point discourse on the ins and outs of the armorer's trade matters not a whit to the Administration or the Congress or to their fellow-travelers on the television news anchor desk. WHY it doesn't matter I leave to another rant at another time,but I suspect,dear reader,that my thoughts on the matter are probably fairly congruent to your own. :-

    © 2014 by Bruce H. McIntosh

    Previously posted on Townhall, a conservative-ish news-and-opinion website.

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