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    Last revised Mar 12, 2018

    Ain't got no speakers
    Ain't got no headphones
    Ain't got no records to play

    Audio and video endeavors

    Office System

    Second system - in the office

    This system sits on a shelf atop the vintage Collins ham gear in my office. The Collins equipment was a birthday/anniversary/Christmas present from Mom to Dad the summer of 1964. I arrived on the scene that November,so the radio gear's been in the family as long or longer than I have!

    The electronics used to be in Mom and Dad's living room; the speakers came from my uncle. I used to have two other sets of Lahtis. The larger pair was given to a friend when I moved to Florida lo,these many years ago; the second,twins to the ones I'm using now,were sacrificed to the heathen sound pressure gods during a college dorm "loudest floor wins a pizza party" event sponsored by a Phoenix radio station.

    What's involved:

    • McIntosh MX-113 tuner preamp
    • McIntosh MC-275 stereo tube amp
    • Lahti U2 bookshelf speakers
    • Panasonic {model unknown} DVD player used for CDs

    Had to show a close-up of the battle scarred veteran of several decades of music listening. The 113,275 and a pair of ML1Cs (that I have yet to be able to fast-talk Mom into letting go of) showed up one Christmas in the early 70s,factory refurbs courtesy Mr. Mc. Unfortunately,Mom used Formula 409 to get the fingerprints off the amp one time,and along with the dirt and the grunge she managed to remove almost all of the silk-screened chassis lettering. SOME day I'd like to strip the amp and get the chassis rechromed and relettered. You should live so long!

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