Wekiva River/Rock Springs, Florida (1987)

This is one of the most unspoiled Florida river I have canoed, yet is nearly a stones' throw away from the Orlando metro area. My friend Marlene and I canoe it one hot and humid morning and come across a huge number of large alligators, which is rather unsettling due to the narrowness of the river and the fact that we often canoe over the very spot where a large alligator has submerged just moments before (we feared he would quickly and hungrily come to the surface to capsize the canoe and gobble us up). One problem we have this morning is that we are relentlessly bothered by yellow flies that insist on flying around our heads.

Rock Springs at the canoe trail head is a popular tubing spot.

The river flows 15 miles to the St. Johns River. Wekiwa Springs State Park is 6,400 acres, which contains a 13.5 mile hiking trail system. The year-round water temperature is 68 degrees.



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