Tallahassee & Florida State University (1983-1985)

I graduate from SUNY at Plattsburgh (NY) with a bachelor's degree in environmental science, and soon move to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University (established in 1857) for a master's degree in urban and regional planning. At the time I am there, the school is about 25,000 students in size, and sits on a gorgeous 400-acre campus. The city population is approximately 85,000 when I attend FSU. While going to school there, I enjoyed the following:

More about Tallahassee

The old capitol building in Tallahassee (the city is the state capitol) was restored in 1902 and is now a museum. A couple of decades earlier, during the Civil War, attacks by Union troops were repelled, and the city was saved from the last Union attack in 1865 in the Battle of Natural Bridge. Tallahassee retains the image of antebellum plantation days and its rustic pioneer past with large farms and horsefarms around the city, the huge, Spanish moss-draped oaks along canopy roads, and the many Victorian homes. It was incorporated in 1825. During the Civil War, this was the only Confederate capitol east of the Mississippi not captured by the Union army. There is a heavy orientation toward state government (due to the city being the state capitol) and therefore a large number of state bureaucrats live and work here. The main industries, besides government, are wood production and lumber, food production, printing, and publishing.


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