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Dom's Dive Log

Diving Roatan Honduras (2008)

Diving Roatan and Utila, Honduras (2007)

Diving Spiegel Grove Wreck Key Largo, Florida (2006)

Diving near Sarasota Florida (2005)

Diving Jupiter Florida (2005)

Diving Cozumel (2004)

Diving & Honeymooning US Virgin Islands (2003)

Diving 40 Fathoms Grotto, Florida (2003)

Bonaire: Diver's Paradise (2002)

Stunning, Spectacular, Unforgettable Hawaii (2001)

Drift diving Silver River, Florida (2001)

Diving Troy Springs, Florida (2001)

Diving Orange Grove at Peacock Springs, Florida (2001)

Diving Blue Grotto, Florida (2001)

Diving Paradise Springs and Ginnie Springs, Florida (2000)

Diving at Little Cayman, British West Indies (2000)

Adventures in Belize (2000)

Snorkeling with the manatees at Crystal River, Florida (1999)

West Palm Beach, FL Scuba Diving (1999)

Scuba Diving Key Largo, Florida (1999)

Scuba Diving Manatee Springs, Florida (1999)

Learning Scuba at Rainbow River & Devil's Den, Florida (1999)

A Taste of Snorkeling Costa Rica (1995)

Snorkeling the Florida Keys (1993)


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