Plattsburgh, New York (1981-1983)

I am in this town from 1981 till 1983 to obtain a bachelor's degree in environmental science. I thoroughly enjoyed the following:

The town is in the Cumberland Bay of Lake Champlain. The area has been a military base since colonial days, and still retains a Strategic Air Command base. The town is at the mouth of the Saranac River.

In 1776, the British won the battle of Lake Champlain off the shores of the town. In 1814, Commodore Thomas Macdonough defeated the British fleet from Canada by using anchors and winches to swivel his boats completely around, thus giving the enemy both broadsides. During this time, U.S. General Alexander Macomb was defeating the British who were ashore.

When I attended the school, the school was about 2,000 students in size. It was established in 1889. The Town of Plattsburgh had about 30,000 people when I was there. The school sits on a 300 acre campus featuring rather modernist architectural styles. In fact, you can see the "box" (insecticide factory?) that I graduated from in the photo of me at the graduation. Montreal is 60 miles to the north (we often made excursions to Canada to by the coveted "Brador" Molson beer not sold in the U.S.) Burlington, Vermont is 40 miles to the west and across Lake Champlain.


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