Crater Lake (July 1989)

Crater Lake is so bright blue that it takes my breath away when I first see it. The deepness of the blue is due to the depth and quality of the water. (The lake is 1,932 feet deep.) The lake is also quite pretty at sunset.

7,700 years ago, Mount Mazama created the lake with one of the Earth's most destructive events. A huge eruption buried thousands of square miles under a deep layer of ash and left the massive crater now filled with the calm waters of the lake. The first pioneer saw the lake in 1853 on the Discovery Point Trail. Wizard Island is 760 feet above the surface of the lake.

The banks are VERY steep and hundreds of feet high. The drive, in a car, down from the crater, is rather harrowing given the large number of sharp hairpin turns. The route around the lake is 33 miles long.

We also explore "Lava Lands" in nearby Bend, Oregon. 

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