Four Corners/Petrified Forest, Arizona (1971)

We visit the only spot in the U.S. where four states-Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah-join together. The Forest consists of 94,000 acres, including 50,000 acres of wilderness area. It was proclaimed a National Monument in 1906 and a National Park in 1962. It includes trees that have petrified (turned to multi-colored stone). It includes Indian ruins and petroglyphs and portions or the Painted Desert.

The Forest includes the world's most fabulous display of petrified wood (see photo). The downed, prehistoric trees were covered under sediment and volcanic ash, causing the wood to be filled gradually with mineral compounds.

The Painted Desert is partially within the Forest. The sunlight and clouds passing over the incredible scenery of the area produces a constant kaleidoscopic change.


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