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Gainesville, Florida

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Typical Services

Resident Construction Engineering

Subsurface Exploration

Foundation Investigations

Sinkhole Investigations

Expansive Clay Evaluation

Slope Stability Analyses

Retaining Flood and Sea Wall Design

Earthwork Supervision

Storm Drainage, Flooding, and Ground Water Evaluation

Percolation Tests

Seasonal High Ground Water Estimates

Soil Borings

Laboratory Tests

Property Pre-Purchase Soil Evaluation

Pavement Design and Evaluation

Ground Improvement Design and Inspection

Pressure Grouting Design and Supervision

Geosynthetics Applications in Earthwork and Pavements

Site Preloading, Surcharging, and Embankments

Asphalt and Concrete Mix Design and Plant Inspection

Stone Columns, Ground Anchors, Tower Foundations

Piles - Concrete, Steel, Timber, Pin, Auger Cast

Expert Testimony and Technical Advisor

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