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Dark Angel

A Kick-Ass Metal Band

Yes, I'm Still Alive

My baby girl is getting close to 1.5 years old. So no, I don't have any frelling free-time anymore. But I updated the e-mail address for Jack Schwartz (check the Links and Fallout sections). And yes, Dark Angel has officially re-united, see the link below for their official website! Check out their webmaster, too. :)


What This Is

This is an unofficial webpage dedicated to the mid-80's to early-90's heavy metal band dubbed Dark Angel. Here you will find all sorts of information on the band including line-ups, discography, lyrics, interviews and more. I've also got a decent collection of images and sound samples. For detailed information on the history and origins of this page, check out the Old News and Page History and Credits sections.

If you have anything to add or correct about these pages, please feel free to send me e-mail on the matter. Thanks!

Update News

06/05/04 - Updated Official DA Webpage link.
- Minor update (e-mail address change).
12/25/02 - Dark Angel reforms (if you didn't already know). And they have their own official website now!
01/04/01 - New links for new bands featuring Eric Meyer and Jim Durkin. Updated band members info accordingly.
11/00 - 12/00 - Bought a house, moved in, combatted flying squirrels. Not a good time for updates.
08/03/00 - Picture disc auction over. Moved link for it from Related Links page to Old News page.
07/27/00 - Rare picture disc album on E-Bay until 8/1/00! Go to Related Links page for details!
06/21/00 - Made a lot of progress with updates and revisioning, but have been sidetracked by work. Hope to get things completed real soon.
02/19/00 - Started major push to get pages updated, but I'm not planning to upload anything until it's done.
12/03/99 - Moved to Raleigh, NC, got a new job, and moved my pages around. :)

Table Of Contents

Discography / Band Timeline A full discography of Dark Angel combined with a band timeline. Album
photos and sound samples included!
Band Members Detailed breakdown of all the people who have been in Dark Angel through
the band's history. Band member pictures, pre- and post-Dark Angel work,
and more.
Lyrics and Tabs "I have no regrets and I call my life my own, 
I have no time for the words left in stone."
Interviews, Rumors, and Gossip Old interviews with band members, rumors and trivia, plus other exciting 
tid-bits to drool over.
Related Links Links to other webpages and resources related to Dark Angel
Old News All the old news and update notices for the Dark Angel webpage.
Page History and Credits History of webpage changes, as well as the credits for everyone who has 
contributed to this project and helped make it what it is today.

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Last Modified: June 5th, 2004
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