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Greetings. This is my personal home page. Because of that fact, please keep in mind that any opinions, implied or explicit, expressed herein are my own and no one else's. I speak only for myself here. Be also aware that these pages may contain material offensive to some people! If you do not wish to risk being offended or upset, do not peruse any further.

Yes, that's really me. No, I'm not a cartoon. It's just a simple sketch a friend of mine did. He used to do a couple of comic strips for the local college newspaper (the Independent Florida Alligator). The first was called "Dudeman" and was pretty good for a first effort, but he didn't get paid and had to quit. The other one was called "The Sound And The Furry" and was much better, but he eventually quit doing that one too (though some of the characters live on). Now he's a Big-Time Corporate Employee (tm). Or something.

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