sci.agriculture.poultry and sci.agriculture.ratites

Most people don't realize that DOM_BIRD was one of the first poultry discussion groups to create a presence on the internet. You may have already heard of the USENET Newsgroup sci.agriculture.poultry, but did you know that DOM_BIRD was instrumental in getting it created? Newsgroups, unlike mailing lists, have to be voted on before they can be created. Just as in any type of election, somebody has to do the paperwork to get on the ballot and also do the work of campaigning. The early members of DOM_BIRD played a significant part in both processes. It took several months to get to the vote, but the poultry newsgroup passed 363:19 and the sister ratite newsgroup passed 327:26. The official names of the newsgroups are sci.agriculture.poultry and sci.agriculture.ratites respectively. They were created in 1995 and are available for use.

At this time, sci.agriculture.poultry is a very active group. However, due to the demise of the ratite industry, The groups sci.agriculture.ratites is currently a dead list with very few legitimate posts per year. There was only seven posts in 2003. A "ratite" is a large flightless bird such as an ostrich, emu or rhea.

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