By Dennis Hawkins

The Minorca is probably the most popular of all the Spanish breeds. The Minorca most likely descended from the Castilian breed which is extremely similar. It was originally called the 'Red-Faced Black Spanish'. With the cocks weighing in at nine pounds, the Minorca is the heaviest of the Spanish breeds.

The Minorca is quite popular both in America and in England, but it is not as popular as the White Leghorn. Like the Leghorn, the Minorca hens lay white eggs and are not predisposed to broodiness, however, the Minorca lays a much larger and whiter egg than the Leghorn. In fact, the Minorca lays the whitest shelled egg of any other breed of chicken. Unlike the Leghorn, the Minorca is a dual purpose bird. This means that not only is it a good layer but it can also be used for meat production. There are both single and rose comb varieties of Minorcas and in the colors of Black, White, or Buff. They were first admitted to the standard in 1888.

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