Blue Andalusians
By Dennis Hawkins

The Blue Andalusian was once known as the 'Blue Minorca'. The Andalusian originated in a province of Spain known as Andalusia. The Andalusian breed exists in three colors - black, white, and blue. The color of the blue plumage is a slate blue laced with a darker blue.

The blue color is actually a hybrid cross between the Black variety and the White variety. This makes the Blue Andalusian one of the few hybrids to be admitted to the standard. The only way to get 100% blue offspring is to mate a White Andalusian cock with a Black Andalusian hen. The resulting color hybrids are blue. Many inexperienced breeders mistakenly believe that the blue offspring can be bred to yield additional blue offspring. This is only half true. Mendel's Law of Segregation and Recombination applies to Blue Andalusian genetics. This means that if both parents are Blue Andalusians, then the offspring will be 25% White, 50% Blue, and 25% Black. The Blue appearance is due to the way that light is reflected from the black and white feather pigments that were inherited equally from both parents.

The Andalusian hens are non-broody and lay a large white egg. They are approximately the same size as Minorcas. Andalusians were admitted to the standard in 1874.

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