The North Central Florida Sportsman Association is an incorporated organization of local citizens dedicated to Safety, Service, and Second Amendment Rights.

The N.C.F.S.A. promotes safety through its efforts to provide a safe place for local gun owners to shoot, provides assistance to youth groups teaching young people to safely handle firearms, provides low cost instruction in home firearm safety to individuals and small groups, and encourages the adoption of required firearms safety courses in the public schools.

While certainly its efforts at promoting safety do serve the community, the N.C.F.S.A. also participates in other community services. The N.C.F.S.A. has participated in the March of Dimes "Walk-a-thon" and assisted other local organizations in gathering food to help provide better holidays for local needy.

Members of the N.C.F.S.A. consider the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to be the Keystone of that document. The N.C.F.S.A. takes an active role in promoting the importance of and preserving the Second Amendment. While the organization has sponsored a public rally in downtown Gainesville, its less visible efforts are no less important. Individual members have spoken before local legislators in public forums, as well as speaking before the State House of Representatives Criminal Justice Committee in Tallahassee. Members make every effort to respond to adverse editorials in the local media. The organization shares information about pending firearms legislation and ideas on how to influence lawmakers through its monthly newsletter, and has developed a phone tree system to help keep its members informed of last minute changes on bills before the State & Federal congresses. The N.C.F.S.A. constantly encourages its members to be politically active.

N.C.F.S.A. has certified firearms safety instructors for the six basic N.R.A. firearms courses, as well as instructors for Florida's Hunter Education Course. We also provide low cost instruction necessary for the Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

The N.C.F.S.A. wants as members all good citizens who believe that the Second Amendment is important, but we realize that not everyone can drive to Gainesville for the meetings, or is comfortable belonging to an organization that has little visibility in their own distant community. The N.C.F.S.A. is willing to help others outside our immediate area found a similar organization in their community and share whatever information we have through them with their new organization.

The N.C.F.S.A does more than what we've mentioned so far. The Association has sponsored a fun Skeet and Trap Shoot and Bar- b-Que, a fun shoot pistol competition, classes to certify some members as N.R.A. certified instructors, a small bore metallic silhouette shoot, and our annual banquet. Our monthly meetings usually spotlight a guest speaker. As an N.R.A. affiliated club we have access to wide range of N.R.A. benefits.


This organization promotes safe firearm handling, service to the community,and defense of our Second Amendment rights. While we are genuinely interested in shooting, this is not our primary goal. Without attending to the political agenda of gun ownership now, our club and our guns will not exist in the future.