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"Guns in the Medical Literature - A Failure of Peer Review" -- by Edgar A. Suter MD

"Tracing Misinformation: How Anti-gun Activists Misuse BATF Data" --By David B. Kopel

When Doctors Call for Gun Seizures, It's Grand Malpractice

Exploring Some Myths of Gun Control

Suing Gun Manufacturers: Hazardous to Our Health - National Center for Policy Analysis

"The Right to Keep and Bear Arms -- A Primer for Physicians" (C) by Edgar A. Suter MD

"Winning The Cultural War" - by Charlton Heston - President, National Rifle Association - Harvard Law School Forum, February 16, 1999

"A Nation of Cowards" by Jeffrey R. Snyder

"The False Promise of Gun Control", by Daniel D. Polsby - First appeared in the 1994 Atlantic Monthly and reprinted by permission at the NRA web site.

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