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NCFSA is the North Central Florida Sportsman Association We are dedicated to Safety...Service...Second Amendment To hear the NCFSA phone recording with range times & dates or leave a message or inquiry on the NCFSA hotline call: (352) 378-2222.

Our postal address is:
PO BOX 23642

Our e-mail address is:  ncfsa@afn.org

NCFSA was founded in 1989 as a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida. At the time there seemed to be no local organization to respond to the needs of the citizens in our area for education on basic firearms safety and the right of the good citizen to responsibly keep and bear arms. From a humble beginning of fewer than a dozen people meeting in a member's living room, NCFSA has grown to an organization of over 400 paid members and has gained national recognition. NCFSA is affiliated with the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and the National Rifle Association. We are proud to have been chosen as the Outstanding NRA Club of 1992 and to have won at least two NRA awards for our work in each year since 1990.

NCFSA provides the community with low-cost firearms safety instruction through the Santa Fe Community College Community Education Program and by appointment for small groups. NCFSA also works with the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission to make the free state-required Hunter Education Program conveniently available in our area.

NCFSA takes its Firearms Safety and Information booth on the road to regional gunshows, craft fairs, and any public event that is willing to provide space at an affordable rate. This booth provides free brochures on firearms safety as well as hunter safety, personal safety and the individual right to keep and bear arms. An expanded version of this booth has been a feature of the Alachua County Fair since 1989.

NCFSA takes part in community events such as the March of Dimes, providing a walking team and volunteers to help in the operation of the event. Other recent community activities include gathering teddy-bears to be used by law enforcement officers in our area to calm children who are the innocent victims of crime and accidents.

NCFSA is a strong proponent of the individual's right to keep and bear arms, which is recognized by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. NCFSA has participated in public debates and on radio talk shows speaking out for the right of the good citizen to own and use firearms in a responsible manner. Besides local television coverage of NCFSA events, the organization has been mentioned on two major networks. NCFSA uses its official newsletter and phone list to keep members and other interested persons informed about threats to their right to bear arms, and offers suggestions on what can be done to defeat those threats.