C A N   Y O U   H E L P   U S
I D E N T I F Y   T H I S   A R T I F A C T

It was found in cleaning out the old Thrasher Warehouse, which currently houses the Micanopy* Historical Society Museum.

The warehouse was used in the 1890's for orange packing. From 1911-1923, the building became the Thrasher General Store, selling everything from farm implements to food supplies to ladies' beribboned bonnets.

The wood rack swivels 360 degrees on a wooden dowel secured at the top with a cotter pin. Wood screw holes in the base indicate it was fastened either to a counter top or floor. The top half of each iron bracket opens approximately 3 inches. The spring tension in each bracket is like new.

The iron brackets are in pairs on the lower three horizontal boards; the top board is offset and on a vertical plane. There is an exact 3-inch increment in the lengths of the boards.

If anyone can help identify this artifact, the Museum will happily display it in a setting showing its original use. Please E-mail or contact us at:

Micanopy Historical Society Museum
P.O. Box 462
Micanopy, Florida 32667