M I C A N O P Y   H I S T O R I C   B U S I N E S S   D I S T R I C T

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DAILEY BUILDING: Built in 1925 by Dr. I.A. Dailey, this building housed a modern drugstore and doctor's office, with a hotel on the second floor. The drugstore had a soda-fountain with white marble counter and mirrored cabinet on the wall in back. It is presently used as an antique shop; the upstairs has been made into apartments.

MOUNTAIN GARAGE: Built in 1913 by J.R. Mountain, this is an example of early architecture reflecting the age of the automobile. The building served as a local bus station until the 1940's. Its simple commercial style of stucco and brick was designed to serve as a garage and filling station. With spreading oak trees out front, the garage became a popular local meeting place.

MOTT-MAY BUILDING: Built by N.B. Mott before 1900, this building is of Gothic Revival commercial architecture, with double front doors and tall display windows. Used as a general store for over 70 years, it has been an antique store for the past 20 years. The wide doors at the north side were constructed extra high to permit the unloading of coffins, as the second floor was originally an undertaking establishment.